Monday, April 30, 2012

Putting My Best Face Forward

These past few months, have been challenging, but I am coming out of them well and actually very refreshed.  My story is still being written, and many changes are being made.   One of the biggest being me taking more care with my appearance.  Don't get me wrong I wasn't TOO OFTEN running around looking like "Whodunnit" and "What For", but I wasn't putting on a face either.  In essence I wasn't putting my best face forward, and that is not good for business or personal matters.

Much has changed in this period of time though.  Each day my hair is done, done (really put together) - even my ponytails and sloppy buns look good, because I've always got my "5-minute face" on.  It may sound silly, but its actually a very good tool for life.  Over the past few months I've added a few people to my entourage; Selena my hair stylist, Myself as wardrober (I wasn't bad, I just needed a clear vision), and a Skin Care Consultant Bernice Wood.

Bernice is my Mary Kay Consultant and my friend.  And just so you know I just met her last week but she is a kindred spirit.  First of all she has the patience of Job, I gave her so many "I can't do this", and "I can't do that", but did she say "I can't work with you", no sir.  She brought over her kit and to my very pleasant my surprise we  found something that works with my newly sensitive skin.  It's Mary Kay's new Botanical Effects line, which I love.  This line is great for sensitive skin, and it has options just like the other Mary Kay lines, for dry, oily or combination skin.  It leaves my skin feeling fresh and light and not dried out, and I'm talking before I even moisturize.

Being a newly minted Skincare Consultant Bernice's friend Jil came along to help train her.  Jil is hilarious.  These two ladies brought a party and then SOME to my home on a Wednesday afternoon.  Not only did they show me a product that gently cleanses and moisturizes my skin, but they also gave me pointers on taking that "5-minute face" and kicking it up a notch with just 5 more minutes.  Seriously, ready to go out face in 10 minutes; who would have ever thought it possible? Not me surely. My immediate thought after my facial were "My skin is luminous, glowing, gorgeous!" I get to have that feeling everyday, and I get to hold the fun memories of that day in my mind.

In addition I got to see a wonderful opportunity at work.  Being an entrepreneur myself I can respect the persistence and consistence it takes to be in independent business owner, and that is exactly what Mary Kay is.  It's an excellent vehicle (pun intended) for people to earn a little extra income, or build a business to support a family. As a personal beauty consultant, Bernice is available to work with you in the comfort of your home.  Just as with me, this gives you the opportunity to find out all your options and to try before you buy. To set up your own consultation, email her at bernicemwood @ or visit her website at

Disclosure: Bernice offered me the Botanicals line gratis so that I might be able to accurately review the product.  There was no money exchange and as always, my opinions are 100% my own.