Friday, January 06, 2012

We Had A Ball...Literally!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I hope you all had a restful and relaxing holiday season, I certainly did.  The beginning of winter and the holidays that accompany it always excite me for various reasons.  My family is always together at this time, and my anniversary (New Year's Eve) is always cause for celebration.  This past December 31,  I celebrated 9 years of matrimony with my dear friend, and husband Mr. Hayes.

Surprises and I have a "Love/Hate" relationship, as in; I love surprises, but I hate waiting for them.  Yes, yes I'm a grown woman, but I hold onto some of my childish ways.  However I digress.  Let me tell you what a wonderful husband I have.  Not only did he plan a romantic weekend away for US, but he also coordinated it with two other couples whom we are friends with that have anniversaries the day before and after ours.  Say what?!  Yes, we have an #AnniversaryCrew.

These wonderful husbands of ours plotted planned a delightfully restful, and romantic weekend for us at the lovely Chateau Elan.  (If you haven't been make plans to go).  After I tell you about our weekend you'll want to head there straight away.  First of all these men worked it, they arranged for all of our rooms to be together and for us ladies to have our spa services simultaneously, so that we could maximize our time together (don't get me wrong there was plenty of couple time), but we enjoyed each others company as well and celebrating our marriages.

We all arrived at the Inn on Thursday evening, the ladies having no clue where we were going, but having been given a short packing list, (evening wear, bathing suits, athletic wear, cute going out clothes, etc..)  that could have been for honestly ANYWHERE.  EverythingManHB said we (Dee-Dee and I) almost gave it away chattering on way!  WE were totally blown away when we all arrived and saw each other, and the grins were PRICELESS :D  There's nothing like spending time with people who value their relationships as much as you do.  But the surprises don't end there.  Over dinner they kept hinting at more..yes MORE.

Wine Cellar
Friday the gentleman had some golf instruction while we enjoyed massages and scrubs at the Spa (you have to go...really you should treat yourself to this experience at least once).  After we came back from tea at the spa we dressed to go to, drumroll please... The Charlie Wilson and Kem concert, yeah baby love making music at its best.  We had a fantastic time, then to cap the night we went to our favorite late night spot and had a late supper and dessert (some had two desserts ;).

Breakfast caught us rolling in late (but that was a daily thing - I let Mr. Hayes sleep-in whenever he can).  There was a wine tour on tap for the afternoon, but this was really just a leisurely day, because when the evening rolled around....there was The BALL!  Yes, an honest to goodness masquerade ball.  I told you we had a ball.  Talk about some Cinderellas...take three Stay at Home Moms, and their prince charmings, ball included and you have a fairy tale.  No, not at all this is our life, this is us being honored by the men who promised to do so.  This is us celebrating our marriages, vowing to keep our families strong and together, and sharing in the promise that "Your Marriage is Important to Me".

Now don't think that I forgot Mr. Hayes.  My gift just wasn't as big.  I tend to go with traditional gifts and I was very happy with the one I found this year.  For the ninth anniversary willow wood items are customary.  Do you know what a willow tree looks like?  Its the one with the long flowing branches (they honestly look like strands hanging off the tree), they blow in the wind; even with a gentle breeze.  When I think of a Willow trees I imagine a strong trunk and deep roots with branches that just go with the ebb and flow, standards of a good marriage. "The roots are remarkable for their toughness, size, and tenacity to life..."  A great marker for any relationship I'd say.  

Once early in our marriage we had a scuff about something and a friend asked me "Does he still make your heart smile?" The answer--Yes, yes he did, and he still does.  That has been my measuring stick for many a thing.  But  as I perused shops looking for the thing, I came across this...
from Appalachian Primitive on Etsy.  That scripture pretty much sums it up.  Accompanied with the family motto, and the smile question, it is all the affirmation of our marriage I need.

Needless to say, my gift was loved equally and will be with us for many, many decades to come, at least 5 more.  

Marriage is absolutely important to me, and I'm making the sustaining of it a major part of platform this year.  Expect to see more on love and marriage and how to keep it strong and together.  

I'll post more pics soon.  

Until Next Time, 
Be Blessed


geeky Heather said...

First...CONGRATULATIONS on your anniversary!!! Second...he did good. =) What a fabulous time and even better to share it with your Crew.

Shanta Hayes said...

Thanks Heather!! It was so much fun. He did really good, and it was so awesome to share it with our friends.

We'll have to do a cruise like you some time ;)