Monday, November 14, 2011

The Silence is Most Disheartening

Unless you live under a rock or in a cave, I'm sure you've heard the news from Happy Valley (ironic isn't it?).  Though I'll not go into the details of it, if you haven't read the Grand Jury Report here is the link.

Over the past week, I was sickened from reading the allegations, but I had to do it, to educate myself, so I could better educate my children.  Yes, I've talked to them about "good touch, bad touch", although I tell my girls no one should be touching them, outside a handshake and possibly a hug.  Now they know how to play with kids, but no one's hands should be all over you, and nowhere near your private parts.  However now, I've had to be VERY SPECIFIC about who  "No one" is.  In our house its nobody that isn't Mommy, Daddy (in emergencies) or Dr. D (and that's only with Mommy present).

More importantly I've found it is most important to arm them with a voice of reason, ME, letting them know they can tell us anything, even if "someone" tells them 'they won't believe you'.... THAT IS A LIE!! Tell me.  Don't believe whatever "they" are trying to feed you, and if reason fails KRS..'kick, run, scream".

After I had these talks with my children I had to figure out why I was still so angry and hurt and sick.  We hear about children being abused all the time, it is in the news and on television shows, we are inundated constantly with despairing news regarding the treatment of children.  Essentially how children are being FAILED in this country. Not to say we are desensitized  by it, but it is all to common.

I was sickened because people did NOTHING!!!  People saw these alleged actions occurring and did NOTHING!!!  You followed protocol and told your superior, (after discussing it with your father), but you DIDN'T STOP IT!! I am angry because a child was being hurt and people turned their backs, literally and figuratively.  And in turning your back, you opened the door for MORE CHILDREN to be hurt.

My heart cried out, "WHY?" and I realized, people are afraid, and that is sad. Afraid to go against the hierarchy, afraid to jeopardize your chances at success and so you let a child suffer so that you would not be put out.   This is absolutely shameful. As human beings we have to be better than a pack of baboons that would beat their young against the rocks.

Even still I was aching inside. "Why", you ask?  Because I was afraid that I too would be AFRAID.  Not afraid that I wouldn't act, but scared that I might be hurt.  That is when I prayed. "Lord help us ALL be courageous, let ME not be afraid to do the right thing and stand up for all the children".  I can not control anyone else's actions, but God can order my steps, I just have to listen and remember;  "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."  

We cannot let fear rule us, we must be COURAGEOUS!!

Until Next Time, 
Be Blessed

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Sapphire said...

This has been so hard for many parents. It is my belief that we can best serve these parents now by refusing to forget and refusing to be distracted.