Monday, October 31, 2011

The Shit a Good Christian Woman Can't Say

Take the title for example, that is ABSOLUTELY NOT something that any good, God-fearing woman should be going around saying.  However God knows my heart, so he is aware of the fact that some people get on my last good nerve and the only way I can get over it is to CURSE (or cuss if you're the south) the HELL out of them. (Though you know I only curse in private - right).  Seriously, why else irritate such a good upstanding woman as myself to the point that I can't even pray to ask for the right spirit to deal with you.  

You are obviously unaware that many a good Christian woman has a razor-edged tongue that we pray constantly for God to bridle so that we might be good reflections of him.  Sometimes though that prayer is uttered in repentance because we are human and we do fall (the key is in getting back up).  Can you tell I haven't done my devotional this morning?  Let me get to that now.

Dear God please forgive anyone that I have offended by my humanity.  Amen.

Until next time,
Be Blessed


Mandy said...

My mom always taught me that shit is a damn good word.

Shanta Hayes said...

I must agree with your mother. It's the other "colored metaphors" that I'm referring to ;D