Thursday, September 01, 2011

What's for Dinner?

My kids are constantly asking me that question, even when they've just had a snack, and since I know they aren't hungry I usually just say "food".  That'll teach them.   With so many activities going on at different places, I figured I really need to stick to the whole "plan and prepare ahead" routine that was suggested eons ago.

I've planned out a menu a month at a time, but I could get pretty lax with the whole preparing early in the day part of it, so the planning was out the window.  But now with everyone doing something different, and most days not at the same place, this momma has got to get her timing and planning together.  With that in mind, I made up next weeks menu and picked up any needed ingredients that I didn't already have on hand.

This is also in line with being a little more coupon savvy.  I didn't use any today, but I plan on doing so in the future.  If you've got some sites you use regularly that are easy please let me know, I love a good deal too :)

Thursday: Chicken broccoli bake (a favorite from my UofM days :)
Friday: Burgers, Fries and Shakes
Saturday:  Out
Sunday: Out
Monday: (It's a holiday, somebody's grilling...I hope)
Tuesday: Baked Chicken with potatoes and green beans
Wednesday: Meatloaf (in the crockpot) corn, and broccoli
Thursday: Fajitas, rice, beans
Friday: Mini pizzas, salad
Saturday: Taco salad

Enjoy and feel free to draw inspiration and share your ideas too.  I love trying new easy meals.

Be Blessed

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