Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall is Here

That means football and knitting kick into high gear, at least around here.  Now mind you, I only watch college football, and only when the University of Michigan is playing.  My heart bleeds maize and blue, our home is swathed in it, (oh yeah hubby went there too).  My KitchenAid mixer is cobalt blue against a maize wall, the furniture in the family room is also blue against a maize wall, the guest room, (lovingly called the Lloyd Carr Memorial Suite by my father-in-law) is a combination of maize, blue and white.  We might be slightly fanatical but that is neither here nor there.

The issue at hand here, is that I cannot find the right shade of maize for my knitting.  I'm working on some hat designs, but I need that just right shade of - dare I say "yellow" (for the unindoctrinated),  to make it perfectly authentic.  Can anybody help me?  Something in a DK, medium weight would be preferable, wool is also a preference.  The color of the block "M" is what I'm looking for.

Until then...
Be Blessed

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