Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall is Here

That means football and knitting kick into high gear, at least around here.  Now mind you, I only watch college football, and only when the University of Michigan is playing.  My heart bleeds maize and blue, our home is swathed in it, (oh yeah hubby went there too).  My KitchenAid mixer is cobalt blue against a maize wall, the furniture in the family room is also blue against a maize wall, the guest room, (lovingly called the Lloyd Carr Memorial Suite by my father-in-law) is a combination of maize, blue and white.  We might be slightly fanatical but that is neither here nor there.

The issue at hand here, is that I cannot find the right shade of maize for my knitting.  I'm working on some hat designs, but I need that just right shade of - dare I say "yellow" (for the unindoctrinated),  to make it perfectly authentic.  Can anybody help me?  Something in a DK, medium weight would be preferable, wool is also a preference.  The color of the block "M" is what I'm looking for.

Until then...
Be Blessed

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

Do you remember someone telling you that when you were younger? It was usually in reference to some creamy concoction that would be slathered on some part of your body, but it holds true for lots of things, i.e. makeup, spandex, thanks, gravy and other sauces, attention... you catch my drift.

Over the past week in the circles I travel, the topic has been popping up quite constantly "how do you balance work and family?".  Its been on blogs, personal conversations, forums, everywhere.  I just recently told some friends "don't try to be Superwoman, that chick ain't real" (yes I speak in the vernacular occasionally), and another good friend wrote about "Defeating Superwoman: A Work in Progress".

So often we feel the need to do it all, or be judged for it; when that is not the case at all.  If anything others are wishing you wouldn't try so hard so we won't look like slackers.  Maybe if we just take a little bit of the wisdom that our parents doled out about creamy concoctions and applied it to everyday life we'd be a little better.  For example:  A little bit.. of time with your children each day will build bonds that last a lifetime, of exercise each day will make your heart beat a little longer, of compassion will help you see the world in a new light, of housework (each day) will make it the place you want to come home to, and ... a little bit of love makes the world a better place.

Even just a little bit, can make a huge difference.  So maybe you didn't get ALL the laundry done, what you did will still bless your family.  And maybe you didn't blog everyday this week, but the little blurb you put out on Wordless Wednesday or the menu you threw together last week, really helped someone out.  Your time and effort has value no matter how big or small, so do what you can; because every little bit counts, and a little bit goes a long way.

Until Next Time,
Be Blessed

Happy birthday Little Buddy @pieceofcake. on Twitpic

Happy birthday Little Buddy @pieceofcake. on Twitpic

Thursday, September 01, 2011

What's for Dinner?

My kids are constantly asking me that question, even when they've just had a snack, and since I know they aren't hungry I usually just say "food".  That'll teach them.   With so many activities going on at different places, I figured I really need to stick to the whole "plan and prepare ahead" routine that was suggested eons ago.

I've planned out a menu a month at a time, but I could get pretty lax with the whole preparing early in the day part of it, so the planning was out the window.  But now with everyone doing something different, and most days not at the same place, this momma has got to get her timing and planning together.  With that in mind, I made up next weeks menu and picked up any needed ingredients that I didn't already have on hand.

This is also in line with being a little more coupon savvy.  I didn't use any today, but I plan on doing so in the future.  If you've got some sites you use regularly that are easy please let me know, I love a good deal too :)

Thursday: Chicken broccoli bake (a favorite from my UofM days :)
Friday: Burgers, Fries and Shakes
Saturday:  Out
Sunday: Out
Monday: (It's a holiday, somebody's grilling...I hope)
Tuesday: Baked Chicken with potatoes and green beans
Wednesday: Meatloaf (in the crockpot) corn, and broccoli
Thursday: Fajitas, rice, beans
Friday: Mini pizzas, salad
Saturday: Taco salad

Enjoy and feel free to draw inspiration and share your ideas too.  I love trying new easy meals.

Be Blessed