Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Update 5-4-11

That's usually the subject line of messages I send to my girl scout parents. This past week has been a whirlwind of activity around here.  Getting ready for the oldest girls' birthday...the big 1-0 and entering the "double digits" as they have so fondly dubbed it was maddening. It was one of those days that I said I wouldn't do again, i.e. double booking activities, but it was her birthday, so I had to pack it all in.

Last week I was making final arrangements for the knitting and quilting classes I started teaching this week.  I made matching t-shirts and yoga pants for all three girls and myself for the Mother-Daughter pajama party, ordered the cake, made reservations for dinner, hosted a support group meeting, went to a friends swearing in ceremony, attended the school talent show, created a site for my knitting students and myriad other things.  The most important being dinner with Pooh for her birthday.  Eleanor's swearing in was a very close second though.

My daughter turned 10 on Saturday, and though I didn't cry outwardly, my heart was bursting inside, and not with all the fear I thought, but with such joy, because as I looked at her, all dressed up in a really cute "big girl outfit" I still saw my child, my innocent baby, my girl who still plays with dolls and wants to play outside, riding her bike and playing tag with her sisters and cousins.  My daughter is still a child, (despite the world around her), and I thank God for that.

I have been dreading the tough questions and talks that are ahead of us, but  thanks to many friends advice I know the transition will be easier than I've imagined.  A couple of tips are already paying off, thanks T. Jackson for the book recommendation, she is eating it up :)  I am so excited for her, and every day a little less scared, because I know that we have put ourselves around people that will help us to make sure our girls grow to be all they can. 

In other news:
  • I started teaching, and let me tell you my seniors are sassy, all good sports, but I got some real firecrackers.  I can't wait to see them next week.
  • I found the Apple Cake recipe; Whew!!!  I really thought it was lost forever.  I was supposed to post it on Facebook a year ago.  I promise I will post it later this week.
  • I am behind on all my other sewing, (especially since I decided to make all my outfits for my Las Vegas trip this summer) look for some FO's soon.  
  • My brother got a job and is moving to Miami
  • and, I've still got more work to do for my quilting class on Friday, so ....

Be Blessed

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