Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear God 2.0

"I'm trying hard to reach you."
"They said "hes' busy, hold the line please", call me crazy, I thought maybe he could mind read."

The opening lyrics to one of my favorite songs. Maybe because I've been feeling that holding myself, but I realized, it's really my own fault.  Seriously.  I don't call as often as I should, and when I do, I'm not talking about anything.  Just rambling...he already knows that he's waiting for me to get to the point (even though he already knows), however like any good parental figure he wants you to recognize and acknowledge what it is you want and speak it out loud, ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT, I'm not a mind-reader.
The church my grandmother attended

These past few weeks the blog has been quiet, because life as i know has been very interesting, and I needed to process.  I like to think about my feelings a lot.  I hate making hasty decisions and speaking without at least trying to consider how my words or actions will affect others.  This recent time has all come to a head now, and I'm calling on my old friend to really talk. Since I've had time to think it out, and talk about it, I can now clearly express myself and my feelings without compromising myself.

 I've come to realize that you all don't really know me, and that's okay, that's what the book is for ;)  I'm not necessarily going to pull a Don Lemon, but there's a lot that doesn't go in this blog.  Here's a brief synopsis:  My stepfather is in a vegetative state, has been for two weeks now (and I'm pretty sure I haven't talked to him in months).  My little cousin graduated from HS last week and I just figured out the best advice to give her (what I wish someone had told me).  My husband is in school and it's going, it's the combination of school and travel that is really causing friction.  One of my aunts and aforementioned cousin have been displaced by the recent floods in MS.
Down the street from where I grew up

 There's other stuff, but I won't lay it all out today.  Just know that I'll lay out all my newly gained wisdom, (oh yeah got some advice on that too),when I can steal a few moments some other time. Please keep my family in prayer, we would really appreciate it. Thanks. 

Until next time,
Be Blessed

The water has receded in all these pictures, but you still can't get close enough to my aunts house to take pictures, because the water is still covering the roads. C'est la vie.

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