Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wind Down Wednesdays

I went to bed earlier this morning exhausted, because that's the only way I can make myself go to bed when my husband isn't home. Now although I went to bed late I woke up (the second time) feeling refreshed and full of life, (this was of course after my kids were on the bus to school). I was excited about the day because it was Wednesday - yeah I know "hump day" what's there to be excited about? 

Well in my house, it's the day we don't have any activities and I usually don't have any meetings, so I can pretty much do what I want.  Now granted there aren't so many do what I want days, but I can definitely usually do what I need to do on Wednesday, like finish the laundry and mop the floors, really clean everything up and prepare a nice meal. 

You all know that I'm a Mocha Mom, and in my chapter we use to have "Wind Down Wednesday".  These were generally outings that didn't require a lot of preparation.  Maybe just hanging out at another mocha's house or going to the park with the kids, something really laid back. Getting a chance to catch up on things helps me to relax and "wind down" which is exactly why I was so looking forward to today; and let me tell you it was a great one.  I put some laundry on this morning, went to the dentist, the bank, a couple of craft stores and made it back home in time to get my bags out of the truck and  watch the girls get off the bus. 

I enjoy Wednesday because for me it represents a break from the chaos that life can become the rest of the week.  Wednesday is welcome in my home, I love it like it were a sacred day set apart just for me to breathe deeply and be renewed.  Maybe you have a day that really allows you to recharge, if not, I suggest you get one. 

Be Blessed

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