Friday, April 15, 2011

Tell Me Something Good...It's Back!

So back when I was in school, I started "Tell Me Something Good Thursday" (TMSGT) as a way to report the good stuff that was happening in class, or to keep from complaining about what wasn't going so good [in school or life].  Well now, I've perused a few older posts, and I really liked that theme, so I'm bringing back, (like high-top fades and mohawks).

Today I went to the Atlanta Zoo with my second grader for the first time (yes the first time---put your eyes back in your heads).  My kids have been to the zoo several times without me.  I've generally left that to grandparents, friends, fieldtrips.  Really it is because I have some mixed emotions about zoos (we'll save those for another day).  At any rate, I so enjoyed this day with my daughter.  She is such a bubbly spirit and a joy to be around.  I loved seeing her in her element (you see she is totally different at school than home).

Our Little Buddy is a giver, and she gives so much of herself at school that by the time she gets home, she is so wiped out she can barely keep it together.  At home she is prone to emotional outburst, she is super-sensitive, but at school totally different, all smiles and laughter, and today I got to see that. BEAUTIFUL!!!

In addition to that, I put a call out to my Facebook friends, and they truly came through for me today.  I needed advice and they doled it out.  I was so thankful for all their input, and just wanted all of them and all of you know that I have some really TERRIFIC friends!

Tell Me Something Good... I know you've got at least one thing.

Be Blessed

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