Monday, April 25, 2011

Out of Order

Being transparent is something that I aim to be with my children.  I don't generally shy away from discussions with them about life, because I want them to feel as if they can talk to me about anything.  Hopefully I'm setting us up for a lifetime of open communication.  So in all this openness and transparency, there must be honesty.

Yesterday as we were preparing  to go to Easter service I heard my youngest two daughters talking.  What exactly they began talking about I'm not sure, as I only caught a bit, but my youngest said "I'm going to get married and have kids".  To which my reply was "yes, that's the way you do it, get married first then have kids." So my middle daughter chimes in "Wasn't Lynn at your wedding?"  I say "Yes, she was, but Mommy and Daddy were out of order."

Life is what it is and sometimes things, or people get broken, essentially we are "out of order".  That was how my life was.  I had known for a long time that I was not doing things the way they should have been done.  I was literally all over the place.  I was 22 years old, and unwed when I became a mother.  That is a fact, and I am not ashamed [now], neither am I proud of it.

I am sure the conversation of "doing the right thing" i.e. getting married when found we were pregnant occurred, however I knew that I was in no place to make that type of life changing decision when I was so confused.  And really it's not "doing the right thing"  if you do it because...... I want my children to know that even though we didn't do things in order, that doesn't mean they should follow the same path, and hopefully we are showing them a better option.

My parents were never married [to one another], each married other people when I was about 7.  My husband's parents divorced when he was young, and he was largely raised by a single mother.  We both had good lives, but not the family structure that we are trying to show our children. We don't have long lines of married couples [you know those marriages older than we are] to look to as examples, however that is what we want to be for our children. We want them to marry FIRST, THEN have sex, and children, in that order. If it doesn't work out that way we will still love them, (just as God still loves us), but I pray it does. We want them to see that even if you don't start reading and following the directions from the beginning it doesn't mean you can't pick them up and eventually get it right.  Just because we were out of order doesn't mean they have to be. 

We started out of order, BUT we eventually got smart and started following the directions and we are here today blessed and happy.  Trying to be the best parents we can by being open, honest, and showing that all things can be put in order when you Believe.

Be Blessed

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

She's Really In Tune With Her Body

Monday (the 18th) was my baby's birthday, she turned five years old, and she totally acted like a 5 year (a big girl).  Nothing really changed, but it was like I could see a shift in her.  When I told her friends and loved ones wished her a happy birthday she said, "Tell them thank you".  Quite impressive, before[turning 5] it was almost as if she hadn't heard me speak (otherwise known as ignoring me).  Monday though I could see a change, and it was good.

I maybe overindulged in the "It's your birthday have your way shenanigans", but honestly, she's a good kid, any you probably would have too.  I let her have 3 pieces of candy and the icing of a cupcake (she doesn't like the actual cake - go figure).  Shortly afterward she asserts that her throat is itchy; I'm thinking one of those candies may have had a trace of peanut, so I give her some diphenhydramine and keep a watchful eye.  No swelling no more talk of itching, all is well...or so I think.  Later that evening, as they are getting ready for bed, she asks me to check her problem.  The temp is normal, and everyone is off to bed. 

My precious sleeps with me because she was having difficulty  in her room (something about her sisters talking to each other).  So I let her sit with me awhile and she falls asleep.  I put her to bed and we both get a good night's rest.  [Meanwhile her body is on a covert mission to stop me in my tracks.]  I wake up and tell her "it's time to get ready for school", and she says "Mom, can you check my temperature?"
"I think it will be normal, you were last night."
"Can you just check please?"
"Okay, oh crap 102.2, where's the Little Noses."

How did this happen.  Well I figured it was just a bug and was going to treat it as such.  I needed to take her oldest sister to the pediatrician later for an issue so of course Bell would tag along.  Once we're on our way back to triage she ask the nurse "After you finish with my sister can you check me out?"
Nurse: "Did your mom put your name on the list?"
Me: "No it's probably just a virus"
Nurse: "I'll go get your chart after I check on your sister."
I can tell I am in the dog house. 

So after sister has been checked out, and that's a whole other post we move on to Bell.  Ears look good, glands are a little swollen.  There's something in the throat that catches the docs eye. Long story short, after two unsuccessful swabs, the third is able to be tested's positive for STREP.  A prescription is written and we're given directions to keep the little home a couple more days.  And of course it's contagious, so I send the Pre-K teacher a text before we leave the exam room and call her BFF's mom because they celebrated her birthday with us over the weekend.  

Here's where I hang my head in shame.  My daughter knew something wasn't right with her body and she took her health care into her own hands, and I'm glad she did.  I was just going to reconcile it as a virus and let it go.  However, did you know that Strep can lead to Scarlett Fever?  I didn't, I didn't even know it still existed.  Bell has done this before, with regards to feeling the arrival of an illness a night or so before and informed us of such.  You'd think we'd (I'd) have learned to listen to her by now.  She obviously knows her body better than I do.  Listen to your kids, sometimes they know best.

Items highlighted are some common symptoms of Strep. 

Be Blessed

Friday, April 15, 2011

Tell Me Something Good...It's Back!

So back when I was in school, I started "Tell Me Something Good Thursday" (TMSGT) as a way to report the good stuff that was happening in class, or to keep from complaining about what wasn't going so good [in school or life].  Well now, I've perused a few older posts, and I really liked that theme, so I'm bringing back, (like high-top fades and mohawks).

Today I went to the Atlanta Zoo with my second grader for the first time (yes the first time---put your eyes back in your heads).  My kids have been to the zoo several times without me.  I've generally left that to grandparents, friends, fieldtrips.  Really it is because I have some mixed emotions about zoos (we'll save those for another day).  At any rate, I so enjoyed this day with my daughter.  She is such a bubbly spirit and a joy to be around.  I loved seeing her in her element (you see she is totally different at school than home).

Our Little Buddy is a giver, and she gives so much of herself at school that by the time she gets home, she is so wiped out she can barely keep it together.  At home she is prone to emotional outburst, she is super-sensitive, but at school totally different, all smiles and laughter, and today I got to see that. BEAUTIFUL!!!

In addition to that, I put a call out to my Facebook friends, and they truly came through for me today.  I needed advice and they doled it out.  I was so thankful for all their input, and just wanted all of them and all of you know that I have some really TERRIFIC friends!

Tell Me Something Good... I know you've got at least one thing.

Be Blessed

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wind Down Wednesdays

I went to bed earlier this morning exhausted, because that's the only way I can make myself go to bed when my husband isn't home. Now although I went to bed late I woke up (the second time) feeling refreshed and full of life, (this was of course after my kids were on the bus to school). I was excited about the day because it was Wednesday - yeah I know "hump day" what's there to be excited about? 

Well in my house, it's the day we don't have any activities and I usually don't have any meetings, so I can pretty much do what I want.  Now granted there aren't so many do what I want days, but I can definitely usually do what I need to do on Wednesday, like finish the laundry and mop the floors, really clean everything up and prepare a nice meal. 

You all know that I'm a Mocha Mom, and in my chapter we use to have "Wind Down Wednesday".  These were generally outings that didn't require a lot of preparation.  Maybe just hanging out at another mocha's house or going to the park with the kids, something really laid back. Getting a chance to catch up on things helps me to relax and "wind down" which is exactly why I was so looking forward to today; and let me tell you it was a great one.  I put some laundry on this morning, went to the dentist, the bank, a couple of craft stores and made it back home in time to get my bags out of the truck and  watch the girls get off the bus. 

I enjoy Wednesday because for me it represents a break from the chaos that life can become the rest of the week.  Wednesday is welcome in my home, I love it like it were a sacred day set apart just for me to breathe deeply and be renewed.  Maybe you have a day that really allows you to recharge, if not, I suggest you get one. 

Be Blessed

So Sleepy

I am really tired, and want to go to sleep, however my husband is not home.  He is away on business, and when that is the case, I have a really hard time getting to sleep and especially at a decent hour. I generally tend to stay up way to late, even when he's away in the same time zone, and climb back in bed in the mornings for a little "extra" sleep to catch up on what I missed the night before.

There are plenty of things I could/should be doing, but I procrastinate something ridiculous during these times.  I won't tell you how much I'm slacking, but know that it's serious. No work getting done here.  But you know what, I'm going to hit the hay.  I am so tired right now, my eyelids are drooping more than they did in stats class. 

Sweet dreams y'all.

Be Blessed

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Refined...Refinement...Refine Me

There's no better time for reflection, than when surrounded by the beauty of nature. This weekend there was plenty of that in my life, as I went camping with my daughters' Girl Scout troops at the very lovely Indian Springs State Park. During this time I came to the realization that maybe I could use a bit of refinement.

Being a troop leader is something I really enjoy (to be read: working with the girls and hopefully helping to develop their character and instill in them a love for the environment). However the conclusion I drew this weekend has me leaning towards a different course in the future i.e., not being a leader. I found myself not wanting to deal with parents; not all of them (however having that desire is not necessarily a glowing quality in a leader).

This year has been interesting for me to say the least. I came into it with a sense of dread and loathing. [Well it's true] Several parents and leaders have expressed unhappiness with my leadership style. [They are in the minority] but well they're entitled to their opinions.

However back to this weekend. There were some instances that tried my patience, and I really felt that (my patience) was something that needed to be refined. It occurred to me that refinement meant a drawing down of me and an increase of something more pure. I need to be closer to God in order to be a more effective leader. I want to be refined, to be better, to be less me and more God.

With this in mind I will be making a lateral move to co-leader next year and working on becoming a better person (with more patience) so that I can better serve the girls and families I work for. I always tell the girls that we should live by the Promise and the Law, and I mean it. In order to do that I must show them a good example of doing so myself.

The Girl Scout Promise

On my honour, I will try
to serve God, and my country,
to help people at all times,
and to live by the Girl Scout Law.

The Girl Scout Law

I will do my best to be,
Honest and fair,
friendly and helpful,
considerate and caring,
courageous and strong,
responsible for what I say and do,
respect myself and others,
respect authority,
use resources wisely,
make the world a better place,
and be a sister to every girl scout.

All I can do is try. I just hope that after some time of reflection and study I will show myself approved.

Until next time,
Be Blessed.