Tuesday, March 08, 2011

So Much to Write About, Not Enough Time (Or Pictures)

There is so much going on. Girl Scout cookies came back and boy has that been one big roller-coaster ride; and not in a positive way. One minute council says, "We have cookies", the next "Sorry we don't have cookies". So tired, especially since parents continue to ask for cookies, which is a good thing, but when I have to go back and forth with what I'm telling them about availability, "It sucks".

I've taken pictures because I thought Spring was here, then the weather turned and I wasn't sure, and I still didn't have enough pictures for a montage :(

I am excited about a few things though. I got new yarn yesterday..oooh and needles aaahh. I will take pictures later today.

Since I'm rambling, I'll leave you.

Be Blessed.

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