Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Love Is An Action Word

Many people may disagree, but I have to let you know I've been researching this for quite some time,(non-scientifically of course). Most would argue that it's a feeling, but I don't believe this. It may begin this way, but that definitely isn't how it ends. You see, I know you can choose whether or not to act on the feelings that you have. Otherwise why would people divorce over irreconcilable differences, or leave relationships where they were previously happy, but have over time "fallen out of love" with one another, or maybe just one fell out of love.

This weekend I had a wonderful time with my husband and many of our friends celebrating the loving marriages that we have. Celebrating the blessings that we are able to experience by living our lives with our best friends and sharing ourselves completely with someone else.

You all know I love a good party, as evidenced by the pictures from Marriage galas of the past, and birthdays, and whatever else you've seen posted on this blog. So with that love of celebration in mind I looked to invite more of my married friends to the event. To my great sadness, one of the friends I contacted, replied with the news that he and his wife had separated just the week before. Why? Because over the course of several years and circumstances many of us face (no infidelity or abuse). He said he had "fallen out of love with her". I was so hurt by this statement, because I know that my relationship with my husband, (we've been a couple longer than we've been married), has had its fair share of ups and downs; and thankfully, by the grace of God we are still together, and so much in love.

Hence my certainty that love is an action word. It is a verb that you choose on a daily basis whether or not to give it, or show it, or even to feel it. Sometimes we are so hurt by others that we allow ourselves to push love "deep down, never to be brought up again". Other times it is showered on undeserving people. No matter how you slice it, it's a choice, and I am so grateful that my husband chooses to love me everyday. And I choose to love him as well; some days its easier than others, but we continue to make the choice, everyday, "on purpose", and I am very happy with the choice that I make.

Remember those commercials from recent years "Verb, It's What You Do!", why not make LOVE your verb? Act on it daily.

Until Next Time,
Be Blessed


geeky Heather said...

Too true!!

Kole said...

This is a great piece as well. I too am married with children and I love to see other married couples getting in the trenches together and sticking together through the ups and downs of life. Love IS an action word. I even have that saying taped up on my wall. :-)

Dice said...

wow, good job Shanta...im in love w your site...is an extension of ur beautiful spirit!!!! u have such an extensive catalogue...idk uv been writing for so long. can't wait to read some of ur old stuff!