Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year, New Beginnings: What I'm Doing Different

Happy New Year All! Yeah it's a few days late, but I was living it up. My anniversary is New Year's Eve, so we had fun. Then we watched the Gator Bowl with the kids, and prayed that RichRod would be getting the old heave-ho.

I have been enjoying these last few weeks with family, just being in each others company and having fun. As you all know, I do not make resolutions, I set goals, and in that vein, here is an update on how 2010 went.
I did NOT read 52 books last year, no where near that many (adult titles that is, if we include children's literature I am at 100+). I read about 12 books, roughly one per month, sadly though I didn't enjoy many of them; I just finished because I had started and they were one closer to the goal. Now mind you, when I picked them up, I really thought I would like them, however most of them left me wanting more. There were so many slow starts (Jane Eyre was one), too much longing and not enough "do something already". A lot of bad advice (sorry Dr. Laura, just didn't do it for me). And some really just "too much going on" science fiction. So the reading goal for this year, drum roll please, 13+ books. Simple and doable.

It was my goal last year also to do 2 community service projects with the girls. Mission accomplished. We did a river clean-up day, made a blanket for a foster child, and a voter awareness project ( i.e. standing out in the cold on November 2, holding up signs for people to vote (we weren't affiliated with any candidate)). Oh yeah, we're working on a quilt now :) This year we'll have to do at least as much, so let's say 3+ community service projects with the girls this year.

Let's see, I've started looking for self-publishing tips so I can get the story done, and a book of poems. Hopefully by my birthday I'll have it all ready to release. I'm also working on my knitting certification, and that should be done by the end of March (because I don't want to pay an extension fee). I'm also working on a secret project which I will fill you in on later ;-)

So I've set my goals, that's the same ole, same ole. So "what's different?" you ask. Well this year, for the first time in a very long time, I am actually believing that "I" can "it". "It" being anything I put my mind to. Honestly, it's one thing to think, "oh yeah, I can do that", but trust me, it's a whole other to say "I can DO that". I might also help that I realize, a little focus isn't a bad thing, and skittering around like a squirrel on caffeine is cute for a second, but then it gets really SCARY. Focus is good, so this year, I'm making a plan to do things in an orderly fashion and get what I know I can DONE, and leave all the rest behind. I'm focusing on the possible and not the "I don't know".

This year my status is:
"Shanta Is removing "fear" and "doubt" from her vocabulary and using any possible "failures" as stepping stones to SUCCESS! Be Blessed"

That's it, I refuse to let myself be the harbinger of bad news for my future. I believe I can, and I know I will. I encourage you to do the same.

Happy New Year,
And as always,
Be Blessed.

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