Friday, January 14, 2011

Icelandic Vacation

No I didn't go to Iceland, but it sure felt like it here in the Metro-Atlanta area. All it takes is a little snow to shut this city down for a day or two. But mix that snow with freezing rain, and you've shut the whole of northern Georgia down.

Normally I scoff at the people scurrying to the stores stripping the shelves bare at the very hint of snow. This time I shook my head at myself, because for once it was merited. I went to the store last Friday, (and it was nice and sunny), to get a few things, with the plan to shop on Sunday. I picked up milk, orange juice, potatoes and some other small things. Saturday I went to an orientation at my husband's school and had a lovely evening out afterward. By Sunday I could see the clouds coming and I said, "let me pick up some more milk, (the kids will want cocoa), and orange juice (Michael has had a horrible cold, and the juice from Friday was almost all gone). Why was the store nearly cleared out at 7:00 p.m.?

Since I knew the snow would have schools closed the next day I figured I'd let the girls stay up and watch "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" but they couldn't get themselves together so they headed to bed at 8:30. Next thing you know its Monday morning, and there's a lovely 3" blanket of snow on the ground. However it was quickly followed by freezing rain so my yard turned into an ice rink. When the girls finally made it out to play, they sounded like the icebreakers in the Arctic. The ice was a half inch thick and my girls were eating it like Popsicles. There was no leaving the house. So each day we watched the news in the evening waiting for the list of school closures to scroll across the bottom. Never did I expect it to last the whole week.
I ran out of eggs on Wednesday. So who's the real _____ (insert your word here)? My husband braved the icy conditions and made it to work and the store. I was very grateful, but also very concerned. There were reports of accidents all over the news (although that's not really new to Atlanta). I just didn't want him to get stuck out there, especially since he was sick.

All the other days we were shut in were pretty uneventful. I'm that mom that knows how to make a snow week "no fun". My seven year old practiced piano twice a day everyday, and went over her weekly review sheet from school. My nine year old finished her science project of the planets and read. The 4 year old got over easy; she didn't do much except whine about how bored she was, and bang on the piano (not really, I'd never allow banging, was more like peck ferociously). I managed to finish my lesson plans for my Knitting Instructor Certification, as well as two patterns and projects for beginners. Now don't let me fool you, I wasn't totally anal. We watched our fair share of Netflix and yesterday watched the marathon of "Selling New York". It was actually relaxing to do nothing, and not really have a list of things to do.

I enjoyed this week. It was relaxing and fun and easy. There was no stress of rushing to get anywhere or get anything done. I worked so we wouldn't get behind, but we enjoyed just being together as well. It was a nice extended break and I really appreciated it. As for making up the days, I'm not looking forward to that.

Until next time,
Be Blessed


Audrey said...

I just started collecting cans and store them in a box under my sofa. I call it my zombie rations. If I get iced in next week I'll have my soup and spagetti-o's. :)

geeky Heather said...

Haha, I loved the "peck ferociously" rather than banging on the piano!! It was rough, wasn't it? I didn't get out until Saturday, but I did my regular shopping Saturday and we had plenty of food. Toilet paper was close! =) Of course, you have twice as many mouths to keep happy as I do!!

Shanta Hayes said...

Audrey, you're onto something. I wish I could get use to powdered milk. That would surely find a
place under my couch.

Heather I would have walked the two miles to the store if toilet paper even remotely looked like an issue. With 5 people that was the one thing I kept checking on.