Sunday, January 23, 2011

David and Goliath

Here's the back story...My oldest daughter was nominated for the Reading Bowl at her school. Over the Winter break she was given two books to read, and her teacher asked me to make sure she did a brief chapter summary (to help keep it fresh). Well begrudgingly she did these things. I thought maybe she didn't like the books, but they were actually very interesting. Come to find out (Wednesday) she doesn't want to all.

So Friday I'm at the school to drop of money for a field trip, and (I was really trying to just slip in and out the school) daughter sees me and is mopey, but instantly ecstatic. Mopey because I didn't arrive when she wanted me to and ecstatic because she believed I would tell the Reading bowl coach that she didn't have to participate. Um..."no way Jose", I am a believer in encouraging gently, and if need be out right decrying "this is how it shall be". Well I'm learning that is not always right (sensibly read "in the best interest of the child"). Bleh.

Welcome to today, where I'm teaching Bible study, and really looking for a lesson that will reinforce my opinion (and the teachers) that my child should indeed participate in the aforementioned activity. However what I find isn't quite in line with my hopes, but I go along with it anyway, because as I told the girls "this is as much a lesson for me, as it is for you".

I realize that my children are not me. Though they are smart and beautiful and generally kind they are not simply copies of me. They are individuals with their own personalities and interests, though some of those interests are in line with things I like to do, which may be why I push them to do some things they might not necessarily be totally interested in (mother guilt, - I hope I'm not the only one). But I really want to be better, so today's lesson unfolded with my children hearing that they are able to make some of their own decisions based on the gifts/abilities/talents that they have.

Before entering into any lessons, I pray for guidance. These are my revelations.

Letting Them Be Themselves
1 Samuel 17:19-51 Key Verses 38-40

In this particular lesson, David goes to visit his brothers on the front lines, as Israel is preparing the go to battle with the Philistines. Goliath of course taunts the Israelites, and Saul has offered the hand of one of his daughters, and tax-free living for the victor and his entire family (not bad). Well, after David (a young boy at this time) pleads his case, Saul gives his blessing for David to try to slay the giant. He also offers David his armor, but the young boy declines the offer because the armor of course doesn't fit him, it is very large and cumbersome. He can't really move in it, and using the sword is difficult. Instead the David chooses 5 smooth stones, and goes out with his staff, sling and most importantly his faith. We all know in the end he is victorious, but what many of us may fail to see is that it was with David's own talents and skills and his weapon of choice that he was successful. Not with something that was forced upon him.

Through prayer I could see it is my job to lead them and guide them in the ways of God, not my ways. If I guide them properly and realize they cannot do things the same way I did, (nor do I want them to), they will be fine. God is always with them, and they must use the talents they have. They must be their own person, (and I cannot live vicariously through them).

Until next time,
Be Blessed

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bethanyg said...

I'm coming into times when my kiddos are getting older, having opinions and making decisions, and we are trying to really listen to their reasoning and solutions. If they can't provide solid reasoning and a solution or substitute, the first decision sticks. If the solution or substitute isn't all the kiddo thought it was, THEN we say too bad, you made your choice and you have to carry on and see it through.

Now, I think of reading as a great hobby, like knitting. Make me knit within a timeframe and under pressure, it loses some of its enjoyment. Maybe there is something your daughter would prefer to do instead.

Best wishes on finding the solution!