Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fighting the Fever

So Christmas is almost here and I'm excited that my kiddos will be out of school for a few weeks. However I wasn't expecting that break to begin a week (or more) early for them. What has happened you ask?

Well, the little one had a fever last Thursday...you know the kind that they wake up and its a 100._ and well that's the "you can't go to school with that temp" speech; only to have said child enjoying a morning of preschool television on their favorite channel. Rinse and repeat on Friday. Saturday is great minus the allergic reason (the child with "no" allergies) has to Ibuprofen, because she's not feeling well. Sunday I take the oldest to a birthday party they were all invited to because middle and youngest have fevers, and well the swelling still hadn't gone down from the previous days reaction.

Come Monday morning EVERYONE has a fever...all three girls, the trifecta. Never has it happened before. Today is only Tuesday, but it feels like it's been a week. It doesn't help that now I have a tickle in my throat, and a slight temp. Or that I'm the room parent for the oldest class and the winter party is Thursday - and I haven't finished shopping for it :P

I'm fighting fevers with all I've got, minus Ibuprofen or red dye. I pray my babies get well soon, and I ask you to do the same.

Until next time,
Be Blessed

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