Monday, July 26, 2010

In the Meantime

Yes, I've been away for a very long time. Almost 4 months, 3 and 1/2 to be exact, but who's counting (obviously me). I feel some blog neglect guilt. Although is it really neglect if you just can't get it together? I've got four drafts in my queue, but no finished products. With that in mind, and really wanting to post something, I'll be putting up some poetry for a while. It's old stuff that I happened upon while attempting to declutter. I hope you like it.

by Shanta Hayes
August 25, 2001
I often forget how gifted I am
how smart and beautiful and talented I am
I often forget.
I often forget how much love I can give
or how much love I need I often forget
I never forget how much love I've received
I never forget.
Until next time,
Be Blessed.

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