Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Being On The Ball...

Is NOT easy. Especially if you haven't done anything physical in a week. My fitness goals include me losing 4 inches off my waist by June 1, 2010. In that vein I have a goal to do 300 crunches 3 days a week. Last week was crazy because of girls school activities, etc... I was at a friends house for a playdate, and she had a yoga ball that the kids were playing with (that should have been a clue). I sat on it for a minute and it felt "cool", so I went out the next day and bought one.

I thought the ball would be my new best friend. Boy was I wrong. This little bugger is "the debil" a la Kathy Bates in "The Waterboy". At any rate; I was under the impression that the ball would make it so much easier to get my crunches done and there would be no silly burn granted you do want there to be a burn. I just didn't anticipate the intensity of it. Yowzas!!! I guess I'll give the 300 another try tomorrow, but for the time being maybe I'll try for 100.

Here I come smaller waist.

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