Monday, January 25, 2010

I May Not Be Smarter Than a ___ Grader

My husband and I were sitting in bed watching the local school district's Elementary and Middle School Spelling Bee. It was quite entertaining and it was great to see the kids doing so well. We both thought it a bit unfair (and nonsensical) that they combined the two age groups, but I guess they were trying to save money.

At any rate, we actually started watching late in the show, but we were both cruising along...until I got stumped on 'Humorous'. Yep I got tripped up on an elementary word. How embarrassed my mother would be. Or even more so Ms. Beth Abbott-Frey my 11th grade AP English teacher. She drilled us on origins and derivations until we thought we were dictionaries.

Suffice it to say I didn't make it to the final round. They had several words after 'humorous' that stumped me, and shamefully I may have stomped out of the room. Oh well, that's what dictionaries and spell check are for.

Until next time,
Be Blessed

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'mmmm Baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!

Did you miss me?

Well I missed you all. I really did. But you know what, all that time away was not in vain. I am now officially a college graduate!!! Yeah!!! Can you tell I'm excited?
Graduation day was one of the most disappointing days of my life, but he party afterwards was well worth the wait. Why was it a disappointment you ask? Well my name wasn't in the program, and so I was upset about that. I just kept telling myself that I knew I had fulfilled the requirements, and I was really done. My mom told me pretty much the same thing and so I sucked it up, and put on a smile and went home to enjoy my party. Only, when I arrived and was seeing what the caterer had set up, I was again upset. This time because my name was spelled incorrectly on my cake. ( You can't make this stuff up). Yet another thing to suck up. But the company was great. So many friends and family to share the event with.

That was all great, and we stayed in MI for another week, and had Christmas at my dad's house, and with family. We got to hang out with friends and eat at some of our favorite restaurants. It was great, so when I found out there was a vacation planned, it went right over the TOP! My wonderful husband took me to PUERTO RICO for a bit of well deserved (for both of us) time away. We had a fabulous time, eating great food, laying on the beach, relaxing and celebrating 7 AWESOME years of marriage.
We have of course returned home since then. We hit the ground running, well kinda. I kept Bella home for a few days, and we just vegged for a bit. Lynn and Lani however returned when they were supposed to because they had their awards ceremonies. I have two little academic scholars on my hands, both made Principal's list last semester, as did I :-)
God is totally AWESOME isn't he? Were it not for him, I don't know that we'd be here now. Thank you all for coming on this journey with me. I look forward to being back on a regular schedule. Until then....

Be Blessed.