Friday, July 17, 2009

On The Right Track

Each day I am closer to finishing school. I wake up and go about my day, and I can see that much clearer myself walking across the stage. There's the cap and gown and black heels, a yellow tassel, and my hair is straight ( I'm guessing because that's the only way it would all fit under the mortarboard without looking cock-eyed). There is a gi-normous grin across my face. This may be the happiest day of my life. (This is of course the vision).

But my life isn't completely wrapped up in school. I still have children and a husband and social obligations. Yes social obligations- Girl Scouts, Mocha Moms, PTA, etc....

That being said, the 31st year has began, and there are goals to be accomplished in said time.

Here is the list for the 31st year:
  • Write a children's book - Sept 2009
  • run a half marathon (I know this one's been up before, but really this time, I mean it) - Feb 2010
  • graduate - Dec 2009
  • research Real Estate Certificate programs
  • Find a job in Real Estate (not as a broker/agent)
  • Open Etsy shop - Jan 2010
  • Become debt free (again) by June 2010
Optimistic, certainly. Realistic, definitely. Let's get it done. What's your list, and what's your time line?

I'll write my vision for my future soon.

And oh yeah, I got a '100' on my last Sociology exam, woohoo!!!

Be Blessed

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tell Me Something Good

Myspace Birthday Clipart

Myspace Clipart

Well it seems that since I've started school that the only time I get here is for "Tell Me Something Good Thursday", which isn't so bad, since I keep it nice and lite.

This week, I must say, I have been on pins and needles waiting for Saturday. That's my birthday. I'll be 31. And though I haven't completed many of the goals on my list, but I did start a lot of them, and I'll give myself a little more time to complete them...let's say, by next birthday.

Not to focus all on the negative though, let's recap what I DID do...

  • read more, when I go to the library with the kids, I try to pick out something for me as well
  • wrote my plan, my Spanish class actually helped me with this, and each day it becomes even more well-defined
  • took my first THREE classes towards finishing my degree, so far its looking like 2 A's and a B
  • completed 1 community service project with the girls
  • posted here more regularly, not every week necessarily, but better than before
  • almost finished a lace project, it just needs to be blocked
  • tried to comment on every comment
Well not a bad 30th year at all. Matter of fact, it was pretty fabulous. I am so blessed to have been here to experience it, even with all its ups and downs. I've had a great life so far, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the next year(s) to come.

Be Blessed

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Tell Me Something Good

My babies are coming home!!!! YEAH!!!! So its only been two weeks, I missed them so. So much so that I'm riding along with their dad to pick them up. Yup, I'm playing hookie from Spanish and taking a little road-trip. Also gonna miss kickboxing, but we're not really on friendly terms right now. (That class is more work than all my academics together, but its good for my health, so I'll suck it up.)

Now during our little jaunt we're going to make a little stop in Cincinnati, OH and check out the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. I'm so excited about it, and actually had it not been for this stop, I would have stayed for class and waited until the evening to see my beautiful children. However I have missed out on all the "good stuff" with the girls this summer, and I want to share at least one thing with them. To see their faces, (well at least the oldest ones) as they experience that, will be priceless.

I love history, and the fact that my kids like it, makes it even better for me. Two years ago we took the girls on a trip to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, PA and New York City, because Pooh wanted to see the Liberty Bell. They had talked about it in Kindergarten and she wanted to see "it". Well we had to indulge, so that was our family trip, we did the museums, which they LOVED, and went to the Statue of Liberty, which was super cool too because they got to talk to the Park Ranger and get some history on "the Lady". Oh yeah, you can't do Liberty Island and not do Ellis. We had a fantastic time, and have lots of tales to tell from it.

Back to the really good stuff though: MY GIRLS ARE COMING HOME!!!!

I like quiet, I really do, but the sounds of my girls is music to my ears.

Oh yeah and not to lose the historical tie-in: were it not for The Underground Railroad, The Emancipation Proclamation, and several Constitutional amendments, I might not be able to celebrate this wonderful holiday we have coming up, so everybody have a great 4th of July weekend, be safe and

Be Blessed.