Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I Knew It....The Speculum Was Invented By A Man

Yesterday I had my annual exam, and there is something about that time that makes me sooo uncomfortable. It's just contradictory to the way I was raised "Keep your skirt down and your panties up". The whole "just relax and let your knees fall apart" is not as easy as it sounds. Really, who cares that you're a professional, and you do this to several women a day, (hmm thinking of it that way doesn't make me any more comfortable).

The worst part though is that dang on duck billed piece of equipment that they use. Seriously, could it be any more painful? Maybe you like that, but on my very sensitive parts, I don't like to clip things that "may cause a little pinch". That phrase right there makes me wonder if any of my doctors have ever had their own exams. Little pinch my behind, humph.

There must be a better way. A speculum invented by a woman perhaps? Well a girl can dream.

Be Blessed.


MsTypo said...

I hate the winching sound they make, as if some sort of car jack is being used. I am not under construction, stop it! LOL

Shanta Hayes said...

I know, and then that final "click" when its in place. AAGH! Does the Geneva Convention apply to Gyne visits?