Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tell Me Something Good Thursday

Well as you all know, I'm back in school. The traditional brick and mortar, sitting in class with people 10-12 years younger than me (in most cases). It's a challenge for sure, but I'm getting through, and trying not to complain about it. We're eating more leftovers, and clothes do occasionally sit on the chair for a day or two. Don't worry though the family is not being totally ignored. The girls are still on vacation, and hubby is picking up a great deal of the slack.

And yes there is more good news. I got my first paper back yesterday, and I got an "A". That was a bright spot on my day, because I also had two exams. Both of which I am sure I did well on, one I think I did exceptionally well on, the other, just well,(which in my twisted little mind is a "B" or better). I'll let you know when I find out. Until next time:

Be Blessed

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Love You Daddy!!!

Each year I struggle at this time, and your birthday and Christmas. I call Darren to see what he got you, or to see if he can give me any tips as to what to get. Occasionally I'll call Eloise to ask her. But every year regardless I struggle. It's the hardest thing in the world for me; to try to figure out what to get for "the man who has everything". Seriously, that's the way I think of you...yeah I know there's the Porsche, but honestly, I could never take away the joy of letting you get that one yourself, I know how much it means for you to get that one on your own :)

I've given the DVD's which sometimes seem silly, because you hardly watch television, always on the go you are, and they are so cheap uh inexpensive, as to seem thoughtless, but mind you, I take great care in picking out films that I think you would enjoy. However, there are only so many Clint Eastwood films around, and I don't really know any other genres that might interest you. As far as the polo shirt I gave you for Christmas, (which you seem to really like, and have mentioned several times) that was sheer luck, and I am thankful for it. I just hate to give the same gift twice, its like I just can't think of anything better else. As if I lack the creativity, and honestly it feels that way sometimes; or worse yet, that I don't know you, but not this time.

This year I decided to "speak to you" from the heart, which sounds trite as I write this, but follow me for a second. All the years growing up with mom, I bought you Father's Day cards and never mailed them, (I'm a horrible pack-rat as you know), and I still have many of them to this day. Nope, not another card that wouldn't get mailed. Not this year, but rather a virtual I love you for the world to see what a great dad I think you are.

My heart is palpitating at a break neck speed right now, as I am flooded with memories of my youth. Jumping in the sand at the track (we should have known then long and triple were not my strong suits). Bowling with you and Uncle Larry in California, going to the office in Marietta. I felt so important to you, like I was the biggest part of your world. As I got older though, I felt a shift - I couldn't see (like many tweens/teens) that you were still doing things for me. Incidentally those years REALLY shaped me.

I wrote some of my best poetry during that time, explored our culture more,and become more learned as to the ways of society. I learned new thought processes and considered new career paths. I also learned; it's not always "what you know, but who you know". All children need to see their parents or someone in their family reach after a dream and pursue it with all their might - you did that for me. I saw someone who was bound by nothing, you made it happen. I am so appreciative of that, more than words could ever adequately express.

In more ways than you probably know, you have been a positive motivating force within my life. You have believed in me, and supported me my whole life. You have introduced me to people I never could have conceived the notion of meeting on my own. Exposed me to culture, and the only sport I desire to follow (track and field). You have forgiven me my transgressions and welcomed me into your home. You have loved me, like only a good father can.

I am blessed to be your daughter. My sincerest hope is that I continue to grow into a woman whom you feel is a mutual blessing to you.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dropping The Pounds

Everybody is doing it. I've been saying I was going to do it for a while. But now I really am. I was reading Sapphire's page last night, and going over to MamaLaw, it's all over the place how everyone is trying to be better. Plus, I think hubby is planning a little getaway for us, and I can't have my muffin top hanging out all over the beach, and I am not buying a new bathing suit, when I haven't worn the one I bought 2 years ago.

I've been thinking that walking around campus would help drop some weight, however that takes time (and a lot more walking than I actually do), plus I keep forgetting my pedometer. This Friday I'll start a once a week kick boxing class to supplement the walking. I'll be packing my lunch and not stopping at the wonderful dinner I love so much, because even though they have salads, the portions are out of control and I cannot stand to waste food. Drinking more water will also be on the list. It's actually something I should be doing anyways, but don't.

Last night I got off my perch on the couch and did a few crunches. I could feel the tightening immediately. That was all I did, but it was something. I'll get down and do a few more today, before the kids get back. I have decided that there are things I can do that will make it fun and still be healthy and get the kids in on it too. Like jogging while my daughter rides her bike to her friends house (a mile away), we both get a workout, but more than that we get to spend some one on one time. It's a win win. Plus I'll be around for a long time, because my heart will be so strong, and my blood pressure is good.

I've got three lovely girls, and I want to be around for the long haul. So I'm dropping the pounds and really picking up a healthy lifestyle. I hope you'll join us.

Be Blessed

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I recently had the chance to preview TNT's new drama "HawthoRNe" and I think its something you might enjoy as well. With the void in medical dramas left by "ER", I believe this will hit the spot.

HawthoRNe is a new TNT drama starring Jada Pinkett Smith as Christina Hawthorne, a headstrong yet compassionate nurse. She leads a team of dedicated nurses who give their all for the patients, even when the system does not.

Christina will often sacrifice her own needs as she juggles her personal life and the demands of her career. But Christina is more than a nurse – she’s a fighter, a mother, and a friend – she’s every patient’s hero.

Don’t miss this compelling new drama from Executive Producer Jada Pinkett Smith, Tuesdays at 9/8c, only on TNT.

Watch a preview of HawthoRNe

Find out more about the series

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Need A Housekeeper...But Not As Bad As This Person

I've started school again, and can take a lot out of you. I'm so tired by the time I get home we're lucky to eat. I'm trying to keep it healthy, but who knows how long that will last. The housework has gotten a bit behind as well, but hubby's been a great help, especially since he has been doing a lot of jobs for me, and not complaining about it. With all that in mind, I've been thinking that a housekeeper wouldn't be a bad thing. However its not in the budget right now. (I could probably make it work, but it's not a priority yet).

This person however does need some help. Please view at your own discretion the following photos. I received them in an email from my husband with this text.


Remember when you last said to a visitor "sorry about the mess, I haven't done my cleaning yet today! Well, you'll never say it again after seeing this!!!

By the looks of the stained couch cushions, my guess is that she didn't move very far from here...

55K View Download

This is an actual apartment..found in Houston after the evacuation for the hurricane.

This is NOT hurricane damage....The apartment was found this way prior to the hurricane. Hard to believe there wasn't a fire with all the cigarettes.

82K View Download

71K View Download
Did this woman ever hear of an ashtray? Nope..... Empty soda cups will do, thanks!!
75K View Download
53K View Download
68K View Download
All the Febreeze and Clorox in the world is not going to help this mess!
71K View Download

NOOOOOOOOO not the computer!!!
90K View Download

Notice the small 'butt free' area around the bottom of the mouse where her hand rubbed the mouse pad and what keys on the keyboard that where used.

Here come the gross parts...." (Seriously, you may not want to look at these)

69K View Download
59K View Download
"I am sure she had intentions of cleaning, but probably put it off till tomorrow.
49K View Download
I don't want to even think what that pile on the sink is.
83K View Download
So, after looking at this, it is safe to say that your house is not so bad after all..... "

Alright, hope this makes you all feel better. I've got more studying to do. Until next time,

Be Blessed.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

For Me?...Oh You Shouldn't Have, But I'll Still Take It

Wow! I am in total awe. I have been given an award. WOOHOO!

Sapphire, over at Resplendent Life gave it to me. Oh how special and loved and READ, I feel. It's really a great honor.

And to "Pay it Forward" I'd like to pass it on to a few of my favorites. (Although this is one of those super sweet "no strings attached" type blog awards). Aren't those just the best? But because I love you all so much, and want you to feel the love and joy like I do, here goes.

Sarah over at the Bubbly Bunny is like Wonder Woman to me. She's a mom, and she is super crafty. She bakes, knits, reads, breeds rabbits and all like MAD! She's doing at least 3 52 in 52 challenges. Yikes! I need her energy, but until I get get some in a bottle, I'll just have to read about hers.

Susan at Knitter's Delight, is a fabulous seamstress. Um, yes she does knit, but sewing has taken over for a time and I love looking at her FO's and getting ideas for things.

Cathy resides at Wishing I Was Knitting At The Lake. She is just a great all around knitter, fabulous daughter and super mom. I so want to be like her when I grow up.

Jennifer over at Notes From the High Country is really exciting to me, as she appeals to my "nature girl" side (which is pretty much all of me :D) She has some wonderful pictures of the Washington wilderness, and ocassionally some good travel spots.

And last but definitely not least, the ladies over at MamaLaw. Justices Jonesie, Ny and Fergie are always good for something; be it a laugh, a product review, or great advice. You'll love them.

Now that I've shared my joy, you all

Be Blessed.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

You Must Go Over To Skinnykids

She is an absolutely hilarious blogger. Today just happens to be her Featured Blogger debut on SITS, and really it's a great break. Here are links to her featured pieces:

Just another "They owe me" story

What a girl wants

and His first story

I hope you all enjoy.

Be Blessed.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I Knew It....The Speculum Was Invented By A Man

Yesterday I had my annual exam, and there is something about that time that makes me sooo uncomfortable. It's just contradictory to the way I was raised "Keep your skirt down and your panties up". The whole "just relax and let your knees fall apart" is not as easy as it sounds. Really, who cares that you're a professional, and you do this to several women a day, (hmm thinking of it that way doesn't make me any more comfortable).

The worst part though is that dang on duck billed piece of equipment that they use. Seriously, could it be any more painful? Maybe you like that, but on my very sensitive parts, I don't like to clip things that "may cause a little pinch". That phrase right there makes me wonder if any of my doctors have ever had their own exams. Little pinch my behind, humph.

There must be a better way. A speculum invented by a woman perhaps? Well a girl can dream.

Be Blessed.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Who Should I Call...Sears or Ghostbusters?

The light went out on my clothes dryer last week, and I figured I'd just have to replace the bulb. Well a week later, and I still haven't done it. So yesterday I'm drying some fabric, and I realize I need to change the temperature setting. I crack the door, which usually causes it to stop, but not this time, so I opened it all the way, This is what I saw....

Tell me what you think I should do.

Be Blessed

Monday, June 01, 2009

Let's Go Out To The Ball Game...Or Not


Reminder: Kid’s Day at Turner Field & $1 Braves Tickets

Posted on | May 28, 2009 |

You’ll find a lot of Braves ticket deals here. Don’t forget these cheap days:

1) Sunday, June 7, is Kid’s Day at Turner Field. All upper level tickets are just $5 each for kids 14 & under. Plus, admission includes a free trip to the Braves Museum, free games in Scouts Alley, & the chance to run the bases, announce the starting lineup and play ball call. Oh, and it’s Bat Day, which means the first 15,000 fans receive a free bat.

2) Monday, June 8, is Dave Ramsey Dollar Night. All upper reserved tickets, normally priced at $8, are available for only $1 online or at the Turner Field Ticket Office.

Turner Field is located at 755 Hank Aaron Dr, Atlanta. 800-326-4000

–Jennifer Maciejewski

This is an email I received from my Mommy group. Great news right, I think so. Especially considering I just told my husband the other day, that we should take the girls to a baseball game, since the girls and I read "Mama Played Baseball" during our Read All Day time on Friday.

Well this is the first message I open this morning, and I call hubby during his commute time to share this kismetic type fortune. What is his reply? "The girls won't be able to see in those seats." Well really, I don't think our girls are all that interested in baseball anyways, but as long as their sight is better than mine, (and I know it is), they'll be able to see just fine. Besides its not about seeing all the action, its about being a part of it, and experiencing something that they read. I didn't explain that to him, so I may have to call him up and plead my case again.

Please feel free to take advantage of this offer.

And don't worry I'm not too hot. I was trying to hard anyways. My mom wants me at her church on Sunday for a program, and that Monday is my first day of classes, so I'll probably be too tired anyways. I just really want to cram as much cheap inexpensive fun into this summer as possible.

Be Blessed