Friday, May 29, 2009

Tell Me Something Good

This post is inspired partially by Sapphire over at Resplendent Life. I saw the quiz after the fact and thought it was really cute. However this is what preceded my reading of that post.

As many of you know, April and May were off the hook over here. With two kids having birthdays in April, a recital the first weekend of May (and all the rehearsals that go along with it). In addition to Girl Scouts, school exams and a traveling husband...needless to say, it was hectic. And in the world of La-la (also known as my home), where children are prone to the notion of parity; when one does something, so do the others.

Well Bear and Bella got to see "Monsters vs. Aliens" with their Mimi, while Little Buddy danced the first night of her recital. So of course she wanted to go too. Well being the fantastic mom that I am, I told her, I'd take her to see it the following Saturday. Well that was the weekend of the infamous "How did we get sick concurrently bug?" I'd done something with someone that morning, ( oh yeah hubby and I went to the movies), but when we got back Little Buddy was sleeping and had a fever. No movie Saturday. Sunday was the "Mommy had a tantrum Mother's Day", so no movie then either of course.

The next weekend rolls around, and for some reason this kid is taking a nap again, and I have learned over the years to "Respect the Nap" (borrowing a phrase from MamaLaw). Sunday we forewent church (Hubby's back was out, still no excuse for me and the girls), and Little Buddy and I finally made it to the show. We were a few minutes late, but she was okay with that (how understanding). We enjoy the film which went by way to quickly, then per her request we went to the playground in the mall, bought some lip gloss and perused magazines at the book store.

After we left the mall, and were on our way home, I said "Tell me something good" ( I ask them this all the time, heck I ask hubby). I'm expecting "oh I had fun at the movies", or "I like my new lip gloss" something along those lines. Do you know what my angelic, baby-faced, child told me? "Spending time with Mommy."

I could have shouted from the rooftop "I have the most wonderful child in the world" However doing so while driving would have been difficult and very unsafe. I am so thankful that I got to spend that time with my daughter. Just she and I, bonding, building a relationship, and memories to last us both a lifetime. I am blessed beyond measure for those words, and they are kept in my heart, (for me to remember when she's 13 and I want to pull her hair out by the roots).

Seriously though, that day will always be special, and I don't think any words could top those "spending time with Mommy". I love you Little Buddy. Let's have a rockin' summer.

Be Blessed.

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Mommy daughter bonding time is teh best! :)