Wednesday, May 06, 2009

If You Type It They Will Come

Umm, not really. My number of "Faithful Readers" b.k.a "Followers" has increased, and for that I am happy. I had my greatest growth during my Reclaiming the Home Daily Blogging Challenge, back in February and March. Since then I've garnered a few new readers, but I'm not posting great numbers. Don't get me wrong, I love the readers I have, I'm just greedy. Shameful I know. Especially considering the fact that when I started the blog there was no follow feature, and I wasn't concerned about who read it, or what they might think. But give a girl a taste of the limelight, and look at what you get.... a DIVA!

Now there are so many ways to give your readership a boost. Think contest, with, comment, here, "Tweet" me, add me, etc.... you get the idea. I don't have sponsors, so I'm not hosting any contests, and I took the Ads off my page, because they weren't generating any revenue, and they really aren't all that attractive. Besides, I want people to come back for the content, the dry humor, the honesty, the realness of the blog. I want them to like me for me. Uhhh...really I'm not vain. I'm just extremely competitive. Which may explain where my children get that particular trait from.

I feel like Veruca Salt, and like her, I have no shame and will unabashedly ask for what I want.

"I want more followers, I want them NOW! I want short ones and tall ones, I want them ALL!"

So in an effort to increase my readership, I've joined a group. (See whenever one of you reads my blog and leaves a comment, I go over to yours and read it, and add you, and in doing so, I see all kinds of other blogs, that I like, so I add them. In all this reading and adding I have come across a great site that encourages just this type of viral networking and it appears to work without me having to "Tweet" anything; (which is good, because I'm still on the fence about Twitter--do I need one more thing to update?)) Anyway, I digress. The name of the group is The Secret is in the Sauce. I highly recommend you go on over and check out the Featured Blogger for the day Interstitial Life. She's quite funny and generally a pretty quick read (a bonus if you cruise the boards like I do).

And I would be remiss if I did not send a shout out to Sapphire over at Resplendent Life, who was the portal that has lead me to some many of these great sites. Thanks!!!!!


Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing some of your favorite blogs.

Sapphire said... shouted me out? Thanks!!!
That was so sweet!!!
Yes, SITS rocks!! In my dreams I imagine myself the Featured Blogger. And K, is awesome! I love her blog.

Tiffany said...

Thank you so much for shouting out SITS!

I am thrilled you are joining us- Roll Calling is definitely the way to get your blog visits.

I am glad I stopped by!