Sunday, May 17, 2009

Common Sense In A Box

So this package arrives the other day with my husbands name on it. I put it on the desk and think nothing of it. Later that evening, we're talking and I ask if he ordered anything, because a box came for him. He chuckles and tells me to go get the box. I do, and at that time read the label, it’s from his job. This time I laugh and ask 'Is that our personal family dose of Tamiflu?'. See, hubby works for a pharmaceutical company.

While I appreciate the sentiment, I'm not sure it's a gift I really want, but it's not like I can send it back. Guess I'll just have a good laugh. This of course while we continue keeping a safe personal distance, washing our hands frequently, coughing into our sleeves, and staying away from those we believe to be infected.

Be Blessed.

2 comments: said...

Wow, it looks like they are sending us a serious message. Scary!

Sapphire said...

I needed that tamiflu during my swine flu scare!!!