Monday, April 06, 2009

An Hour Gone

Definitely not wasted, because I learned quite a bit, but gone nonetheless. I follow several blogs, and I generally catch up on my reading when I log in to post myself. Well if there has been a lapse between post, catching up on my following can take a good bit of time, hence the hour gone. I don't mind though, as it leaves me feeling more like an insider and less like a voyeur into the lives of my blogosphere friends. I am delighted to see the new puppy that Sarah has, and the great prizes that Heather won. My heart is warmed to read about Abbi's accomplishments, and how a mothers love will help a child blossom. It's also great to hear the wonderment of a group of Boy Scouts on a trip to one of our magnificent National Parks.

In essence, I enjoyed an evening with friends, without having to combat the weather or traffic. I'd say that is time well spent today.

I'll talk about King Tut tomorrow.

Be Blessed.


Living44 said...

Once again, I LOVE your playlist. As I've been catching up ,my kids were dancing to Another Saturday Night!

Sapphire said...

I understand. ;)