Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lynn's Birthday dress

Today is my darling girls' eighth birthday.  She loves pink and green, and both her grandmothers are AKA's so I'm sure they'll love the dress as well.    God blessed me so abundantly with such a sweet, even tempered child.  He knew what I could handle, and he gave me just what I needed.  A beautiful child, constantly asking questions, and creating  things.  So intelligent and super duper special.    I've got to go now and finish getting our picnic ready.  We're going to the park to enjoy this wonderful day.    Be Blessed

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Wonderful Life...Today's Testimony

I totally had an idea for my topic today, but as soon as I sat down to the computer, (I started reading some of the blogs I follow), I totally forgot what I was thinking. I can't seem to recall it, and since I am on a time budget today, this has got to get done now, or never.

You see, I told my baby girl we were going to have a good day today, and she promptly replied, "have fun?" to which of course I replied "yes!". As the summer draws nearer, my time with my children is dwindling away, as I will be taking classes, and studying, and therefore probably less likely to have all the fun I normally do with them in the summer. Fortunately though, we have great family that takes them in the summer, so they won't be totally missing out on fun.

The girls will gone for about three weeks, maybe more depending on if we get any extra "takers". I know that I am extremely blessed to have such family members that want to spend time with my children. That are able to spend time with my children. That are alive.

I very much wish that my grandparents had gotten to see my children, or that my husbands father would have lived to see the girls grow up. He was FANTASTIC with them, and me. He was so much fun, and full of energy (when he was feeling well). And boy could he cook, and bake. I miss him dearly. My own grandparents would have further instilled the traditions that I hold close to my heart in the girls, the old ways. A slower lifestyle, simple things...gardening, listening to the rain, sitting in a quiet house, and playing outside.

The way I am living my life now, is because of the way I grew up with my grandparents. I like to think of it as getting back to basics. I remember working in the garden with them, and climbing trees in the yard, exploring, playing with my cousins, feeling the sunshine on my body. I had a great life. All my life has been great because I remember that foundation of a stellar childhood.

Really, when I think back, I have had a wonderful life. I have been blessed so exceedingly by the people in my life, that I can look back, and knowing that there were bad times, instances when I felt wronged or mistreated, and I can still say, that my life is great; my life has been great up to this point. God has cared for me and shown me his love through all the people he has placed in my surroundings.

Sometimes when we lose someone we love dearly we wonder how we will get through it. I am alive, and very well, and therefore proof that it can be done. I thought I was going to die, when I lost my grandmother, and I very nearly accomplished the task, but God sent so many people into my life to carry me through. My heart is bursting as I think of all the people that have held my hands in one crisis or another, and I am still here. The tears that are in my eyes are ones of joy, because I know how much I am loved, and have been my whole life. I am very thankful for this wonderful life that I have and I will continue to try to live it in a way showing my great appreciation for it.

Okay that was not what I sat down to write, but that is what obviously was in my heart. I wish you all a very beautiful and blessed day. May the Lord bless you and keep you always.

Be Blessed

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Under Construction

For those of you who may not have noticed, the site has undergone a bit of a face lift. I am trying to tidy it up a bit, just as I have been my home recently which sort of explains the absence, that and a fast approaching ballet recital for Little Buddy, birthday party for Bella and Girl Scouts, you know, "LIFE AS I KNOW". It's been a constant bevy of activity, and I suppose I wouldn't have it any other way.

What I know for sure today though, is that I will get the layout the way I want it, and I'll get back to posting on a regular basis. Until then, please be patient with me, and I'll be back soon. Until then...

Be Blessed.

Monday, April 06, 2009

An Hour Gone

Definitely not wasted, because I learned quite a bit, but gone nonetheless. I follow several blogs, and I generally catch up on my reading when I log in to post myself. Well if there has been a lapse between post, catching up on my following can take a good bit of time, hence the hour gone. I don't mind though, as it leaves me feeling more like an insider and less like a voyeur into the lives of my blogosphere friends. I am delighted to see the new puppy that Sarah has, and the great prizes that Heather won. My heart is warmed to read about Abbi's accomplishments, and how a mothers love will help a child blossom. It's also great to hear the wonderment of a group of Boy Scouts on a trip to one of our magnificent National Parks.

In essence, I enjoyed an evening with friends, without having to combat the weather or traffic. I'd say that is time well spent today.

I'll talk about King Tut tomorrow.

Be Blessed.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ready For A Break

March proved to be a busy month, with very few breaks, and almost non-stop blogging. I'm tired, but there is no rest for me just yet. I'm chaperoning a Girl Scout Brownie sleepover Friday night, and hosting a baby shower on Saturday afternoon. I have the prizes for the games, but I have yet to finish the favors. Rolled sugar cookie cut-outs of umbrellas and baby bottles.

Once Saturday evening hits though, I'll be home and can relax. Monday is the beginning of Spring Break and we're going to see King Tut. Woo hoo!. We've got a few play dates planned, but for the most part just kicking it at home, and enjoying some time together. Hopefully the weather will be nice and we'll get to go to the park a few days.

Well I'm losing all train of thought (that and I still have 2 dozen cookies to bake) so I'm going to sign off now.

Be Blessed