Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where's The Dinner Smell?

"I'm hungry. What's for dinner? Hmmm, where's the dinner smell. Mommy are you going to cook, or are we going to order pizza?"
"Neither, we're having leftovers."
"Aww man."

Aren't kids the greatest? See lately, I've been cooking dinner around noon-ish, so that its one less thing I have to distract me while the girls are doing their homework. I can give them (Little Buddy) my undivided attention while she tries to maneuver the world of Kindergarten mathematics, spelling and reading.

Here are a couple of dinners I prepared earlier in the week, that didn't take much time and can be done with ingredients normally in the pantry.

Here we have a traditional cornbread stuffing with yellow corn and grilled chicken breast with white gravy sauce. The cornbread looks dark because I sweetened it with molasses. Other than that its seasoned in the traditional way with sage, poultry seasoning, a little salt, pepper, and a can of cream of chicken.

And above we have a Turkey Faux Stroganoff. This was made on the fly with some leftover ground turkey from fajitas the night before. I really wanted stroganoff but realized I didn't have any sour cream. So I improvised. I used a can of cream of mushroom and added to that a cup of heavy whipping cream which had been infused with a tablespoon of lemon juice to make the "sour" effect. There were also some grilled onions in the skillet, and I added the noodles later. I should have thinned the sauce a bit more, as it was a bit thick for my taste once it was combined with the noodles. All in all though it was really good, and I can't complain. Hope you enjoy. If you'd like the recipe just drop me a comment.

Be Blessed.

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