Sunday, March 08, 2009

Solo Outing

I enjoyed my day out yesterday. It was quite lovely. The start time was later than I would have liked, due to an impromptu playdate the girls scheduled. There was only one thing definitely on the list and that was to get some size 11 circulars so I could continue to work on Faux Spanish Lace ( which I am counting as my first lace project). So I headed to JoAnn's because I had my handy dandy 40% off coupon and picked up a pair of Susan Bates 36 inchers. They are not my favorites, nor by far my first choice (and this based solely on aesthetics, because I haven't used them yet), but I was determined to stay under budget. I managed to get the needles, and emory board and a chocolate for under $7. I cannot complain.

Due to the aforementioned impromptu playdate, there wasn't enough time to make it from Snellville to downtown Atlanta, so I knew I wasn't going to make it to Knitch like I wanted to, but I did find a new little gem that I was very excited about and fell quite in love with. Sheepish is a great little yarn shop in downtown Decatur (which I absolutely love by the way - I like the way its laid out, how walkable it is, and all the restaurants...ahhh). But I digress. The ladies there were totally cool, and all the yarns they had in stock made me want to stay there forever. Really roll around and throw yarn in the air, letting it cascade into pools around my never mind that. I had a fabulous time to say the least. And here is where I did go and do what I wasn't supposed to...I bought yarn. I couldn't resist it. It was so pretty, and it seemed to be calling out to me. It and a few other skeins of J. Knits that were a bit out of my price range for the day. Maryland had me totally over the moon, although I know that if my mother or mother-in-law saw the colorway, they would want it for themselves. And we know that yesterday was all about ME!

I picked up a great skein of Cascade 220, in a color that matched my nail polish, so I was pleased as punch. Then there was the pattern bin. Ahhh....heaven, I got some great vintage patterns at the lovely price of 6 for a $1. You heard me right. I was in bliss. No Calgon necessary. So after I'd held Cat and Janet hostage for a while, I wandered off to get something to eat. I almost hit up Tacqueria del Sol, however the line was out the door as per usual. So I asked for directions to The Flying Biscuit Cafe. I love this place, they have the best food, and at very reasonable prices, you can't beat the value, or the flavor, and its just fun.

All in all a great day, and I did it all by myself.

Be Blessed.


bethanyg said...

oh, what a lovely day! So glad you enjoyed yourself. :)

Living44 said...

Last night I went out to the late night pharmacy to replenish our Advil stock. The weather was so beautiful I took a drive down by the bay and just felt wonderfully alone for 10 extra minutes. I'm so glad you got a whole day, you deserve it! P.S I love your play list, I can never leave your blog before a whole song finishes :oD

Shanta Hayes said...

@bethany, Thanks.

@Charlene, A drive by the bay sounds wonderful. I miss living near the water. I'm glad you like the music, sometimes, I think its so all over the place, but that's me.