Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Out The Window

This was a terrible week to start a new schedule; there was too much out of the ordinary stuff going on. Like the Girl Scout meeting on Monday, and the PTA meeting (with extra long program following) on Tuesday. In addition, I am trying to make a dress for the Mocha Moms, 2nd Annual Black Marriage Gala this weekend. And although I had chosen a pattern and material earlier, have changed my mind here in the 11th hour.

I will be completely altering the pattern. I have already washed the new fabric, and cut out parts of the other fabric that I was going to use, the pattern is cut and the alterations to it have been made. I have materials for earrings, if not a few of the design I want in my workspace. The shoes and wrap are already in my closet, and I'll be doing my own hair. All in all this is going to be a very low budget, high class affair. (If I do say so myself).

The reason for the frugality, is my pledge to myself that I was going to try to make more things this year. It was pertaining to gifts, but this is a excellent opportunity to express my creativity and save a ton of money. We won our tickets at last years gala, and the fabric and the pattern, came from my stash (my guest closet houses, my machines, several containers and overflowing baskets of fabric, and file boxes of patterns and notions). As some of you may know, I make jewelry and I happen to have some gold wire and pink quartz from a design I did a few years ago for the American Recording Academy.

All in all not so bad. I will cut out the rest of the pieces tonight, and baste them together. I will do all the stitching tomorrow while the older girls are in school. I'd really like a dress form, especially to help with the hemming, but alas, that is to be longed for yet a while still. (More to come about that). But for today, I studied Spanish for about 2 hours, did some laundry and worked on the dress, not to shabby, but next week will definitely be better.

Be Blessed

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Jayne said...

Very pretty earrings; it's so cool when leftover supplies come in handy like that!
How's the dress coming along? I hope we get to see the finished product. I'm amazed at people who can sew "regular clothes". I enjoy sewing historic clothes for reenacting, but feel intimidated by real clothes.

I lucked out and found an antique dress form for $20 last year, her name is Gurdie and she is very helpful. Still, hemming is my least favorite part of sewing.