Monday, March 16, 2009

New Schedule Issues

Yes, its only been a day, and yes, there are already problems. What was I thinking? There is absolutely no craft time planned in at all. Way too much study time, must schedule in time for knitting. I've got cooking, laundry, floors, girls homework time, but no knitting, no jewelry, no reading (other than schoolwork). Where was my mind? In that time and place where I had no hobbies, didn't know what fun was, and lived in the library and coffee shop (and not just hanging out there, I was a barrista).

There would also be a great deal of time lacking for Grey's Anatomy and Dancing With The Stars. Shameful. Now I cannot look at the surgically altered bodies, that though they claim to never have danced, sure pass mustard, (most times at least).

I'll alter the schedule and let you know how it works it. Anythings got to be better than it is now. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Be Blessed

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Susan said...

The previous schedule was just a first draft. Hopefully the next one will work better.