Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mom's Day Out

Well this week, we've been at the house everyday. Not necessarily by choice, but some things prohibited us from leaving (that rascally car!!). Since I didn't get to go out to the grocery store yesterday, or anywhere this week for that matter, Michael suggested I go out with some of my girlfriends tonight. Great, right? Normally yeah, but I guess I've been in a funk lately, and couldn't think of anyone I wanted to go out with, plus, I kinda like to plan my outings in advance. It tends to be difficult to pull together people with children at the last minute.

That being said, I may try to go to a LYS that I've heard of but never been to. To me it sounds lovely, to my husband it sounds a tad bit anti-social. WHATEVER! This is "my" time. Yes very selfish I know, but we need to take time for ourselves, and sometimes, that entails being by yourself. Just to enjoy your own company, relax, read a book, have a cup of coffee - in peace. However, I think part of my issue is lack of adult company and conversation...

Sooo... I've called a friend from high school who I haven't seen in years (we talk on the phone occasionally-and say how we need to get together). If I don't get a call from her, I'll post a message on Facebook, if I get no takers there, I'm going out by myself. I've got a navigation program on my phone, and a tank of gas. I'm going to go exploring and see what's out there for me. Some quiet time alone, (that will be much appreciated), getting to do something I haven't done before. No matter what this day holds for me, I'm going to enjoy; be it by myself or with some friends.

Hey if any of you want to hang out with me, just post a comment, I'll get it on my phone. Remember to take a little time for yourself, and don't let the circumstances get you down.

Be Blessed

ETA: No matter what happens I'm going to buy some size 11 circulars so I can keep working on the shawl with no name.


KR said...

I think that's a wonderful idea. We all need to take time for ourselves once in a while! :)


Shanta Hayes said...

We surely do, and if we don't make time for ourselves we really aren't any good for the people that need us most.