Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It's A Beautiful Morning

...Cold, but beautiful. Lovely blue skies, a few clouds, the sun is shining brightly. Who could complain? Not me...even though it is only 22 degrees outside.

As you know, I've been doing the Reclaiming the Home blogging challenge, and its going very well. Along with posting daily, I try to go read other bloggers post and leave a comment or two. In doing so I have run across some very interesting things, and am learning a lot about other people and how we are connected though we may not know each other in person.

So I'm cruising a few blogs last night, and I stumble across BethanyG's blog and wow, it was pleasant to see that I am not the only one that struggles with those types of feelings. All things considered, my family is doing well in these current economic times, however I believe that as a woman I seek a certain level of security. And though my husband provides the financial, material security I seek - through the provision his job provides, allowed by the Father. I know that ultimately my security comes from being a child of God. It is because of the sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ that we are able to live such comfortable and peaceful lives in the midst of the current economic storms.

No matter the state of the world around you, rest assured as a child of God you are safe in the midst of any circumstance. Until tomorrow....

Be Blessed


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:D Hug and a wink to you too. We're all in some sort of situation. We have to remember that and support each other and remind each other of the ultimate support that is there for us.