Monday, March 09, 2009

I'm Late, I'm Late...For A Very Important Date not really, but I do like to be a little dramatic every once in a while. This morning the girls and I did have to hustle though, because I forget to advance the clock in their room, so the alarm didn't go off as per usual. We had all of 15 minutes to get dressed, lunches packed and out the door before the bus came. Really its more like 27 minutes, but the way Little Buddy drags in the morning could not be any more drawn out than it already is, so I have to pad the schedule.

This threw me, and I climbed back into bed to forget the previous events, well that means I woke up an hour and a half later. WHAT?!!! Seriously, could this day get any further behind....oh yes. I did my Bible study, then proceeded to make a list of other things that had to be done today. I accomplished all of them, but in what sort of timely fashion (if any) I cannot tell you.

Bella was becoming stir crazy, but there was no going outside for us today, as we had the yard fertilized on Saturday, and with her Eczema, there was no way we were hitting the grass. This made for a very bonkers 2 year old, that seriously needed a nap, and wasn't going to take one without a fight.

This evening, I was late to my Service Unit meeting, and when I got home, I still had to clean the kitchen so now, I'm going to be late to bed...wah wah wah, but I was not going to let anything keep me from posting. --Meanwhile the 2 year old is still walking around, because she napped late, and she's on meds, that hype her up...what joy. Oh well. Hopefully I'll make it to bed before midnight, otherwise, there won't be any fun stuff here tomorrow. Good night all.

Be Blessed.

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