Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Few Extra Hours.... the day, would do me just fine. Or maybe not. I think if I did have more hours, I would waste them, and not be as productive as I claim I would like to be.

But to wax poetic and all...

I should like to spend lazy days playing in the grass with my daughters, throwing footballs and flying kites, and calling races. Pitching softballs, and catching Frisbees. I should like to have a picnic in the park on a blue blanket and go paddle boating. Or maybe walk over a bridge at sunset and cry. My oh my the beauty of a memory. However fleeting it may be, the joy it brings could last an eternity. Making Icebox Lemon Pies, and yeast rolls from scratch, showing my girls how to knead the dough for biscuits so they don't get too rough. Laying on the bed on a rainy Saturday and reading a book, or playing Memory. My oh my what a life I lead. It is truly a blessing.

I would hope a few extra hours would afford us time to have breakfast as a family again. Real breakfast, homemade french toast, just sliced strawberries, freshly whipped cream, and eggs, turkey bacon, orange juice, and coffee. Not Cheerios, or Life (had did it get that name?). I would hope a few extra hours would turn into more time to cuddle, and not just more time to do MORE stuff.

Since I know not, but have a sneaking suspicion (sospecha), I will be content with the time I have and just try to use it a little more wisely. I hope you will do the same. Until next time...

Be Blessed

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Living44 said...

Mmmmmm, peaceful,heavenly thoughts!