Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FailureTo Deliver On Time

Does that sound like reasonable grounds for termination of a contract? I would like to think so. That in addition to the lack of performance by my "smart phone" have led me to rethink my relationship with my cellular service provider. My phone rang today, and I missed the call, as I was otherwise engaged, so I figured it would go to voicemail. A few moments later, I hear said voicemail tone, and a few moments after that I actually check the phone to see who called and to listen to the message. Well strange thing is the call and the voicemail were from two, yes 2 different people, on two YES 2 separate days. Excuse me, do we not pay for a prompt and expedient service, you leading carrier of mobile services? So why then are you failing to deliver my messages on time.

The first call was from a friend whose wedding I'm in at the end of summer, so I knew there should have been a message, but there was none. I listen to the message that was there, and it was from this past Saturday when Little Buddy had class and rehearsal an hour apart on the same day. (Getting ready for Easter). What in the world? At first I'm listening to the message thinking is everything okay, did I miss something, were we supposed to have practice today, and then it dawned on me, its the middle of the day, on Tuesday no less. So I look at the time date stamp and it says March 21 1:42 pm. What?! So I call the wedding friend, and leave her a message trying to find out what's going on, and when I hang up from that call....a voicemail notification....from none other than wedding friend herself, from half an hour earlier.

Seriously. We have been loyal customers for the past 10 years, and this is how you repay us. Hubby's phone died on him, losing all his information, and all they do is send out a refurbished phone, no offer of tech support to try to recover the lost material. A refurbished phone...ugh, oh yeah, we just got these phones in November. Me and my "smart phone" having self, ha! I have to delete older events to make room for the new, because of some arbitrary code that was written in, even though my settings say I have more than enough memory. I am becoming increasingly disenchanted with the service that we are receiving with this company and am happily looking forward to the day our contract is over!

Don't get me wrong. These are not the first instances of dissatisfaction, it just seems that each new incident is increasingly more frustrating than the last. These are customer service issues, and they are not taking very good care of there customers, and in my opinion that is the fast road to "out of business". If I were to fail to deliver a piece of jewelry on time, there would be consequences, if a baker failed to deliver a wedding cake on time the same would be true. Why then does the big conglomerate not have to adhere to the same rules of society? Have we become complacent with our standards, and just allow anything as long as there is some type of service? If that is the case, we are truly all to blame for the current economic state.

We as consumers have rights, granted the big companies usually trample all over them, and squash any who would dare come against them like little bugs; we still have rights. It is how to exercise them most efficiently that we must learn. What if that call (or more accurately, lack thereof) had cost me a client? Honestly I don't think they'd care, and that's a serious problem. When you fail to resolve, my problem as your customer, you begin digging your own grave.


Sarah said...

I agree with everything you said. We have had this sort of problem too, but with our home phone service. Hope you have a great day anyhow.

Anonymous said...

It's terrible that we, as consumers, have to put up with this crap. Things like that caused me to drop Verizon and sign up with Credo. Been with them for a few months, no problems at all. Very helpful customer service and a company I can believe in. AND coupons for free ice cream!

If enough people banded together, do you think we could get the large companies to remember who pays their salaries, or are we too far removed from the days when customers really mattered?

Ranger Jen said...

I agree with your whole rant!!!!! Why do we put up with this? But then, I deal with the situation below...

Mary, I too have had customer service issues with Verizon. However, they are the only company I can get broadband access for my laptop with in or near some of the places I work (National Parks), so I'm sort of stuck. The last time I called for help, my call was never followed up on. It made me so mad.

I guess as long as I'm getting reception I should count myself somewhat lucky - most of my coworkers can't get reception of any sort around here. I use the broadband access every day. If it doesn't work, I'm pretty well screwed. Thus, the hating Verizon.

Anonymous said...

Ah! That sucks! If it's any consolation, it's only been recently that I was able to switch to another company her in Small Town Oregon.

I'll let you in on a little secret - I used to work in the cell phone industry. Since cities are not allowing new towers to go up, all of the companies pay each other to co-locate on existing towers and/or they roam on each others networks. A bit of digging might turn up another company that shares tower space with Verizon. For instance, my company, Credo, shares the Sprint network.

Sure, a bit of your money will still go to V, but at least the majority will go to someone else.

Don't get me started on monopolies!

Shanta Hayes said...

Thanks Mary for that bit of information about the co-location and sharing of towers. How greedy of them. Then they keep buying up the smaller companies that are known for good service,and then delivering the same crappy service that the rest of their customers get. What is our course of action?

Anonymous said...

Our only course of action is to not pay. Just like taxes - live under the minimum income, pay no taxes. Don't have a phone/cell phone/pay TV service/car etc. and you won't pay. Don't pay taxes, don't support causes you don't believe in.

Much easier to say than do, but my Other Half firmly believes and has convinced me of the merits of living below the radar.

Of course, everyone's situation is different - he has no need of a cell phone, hasn't watched TV in 40 years (unless I whine like a baby ;-) drives as little as possible and doesn't have a "regular" job.

I'm headed that way after this Summer's marathon work load is over at my "real" job. Gonna save me a nice nest egg and check out. Provided we don't go to hell in a hand basket ;-)

I'm an optimist, really I am!

Ranger Jen said...

As an update, Verizon let me out of my contract! I couldn't get a network signal in over 72 hours, and I guess I called enough times to complain about their service.

On the bad side, I have no internet at home. The office is about 1/4 mile away, but I can use my office whenever. Some sites are blocked (Facebook, for one), but this is better than no internet at all. :)