Friday, March 27, 2009

FO Friday, Maybe That Could Be A Theme

So this week has been a little crazy. Not really, but just a little hectic. I have finished the gift for the birthday party we are going to on Sunday. It was something quick and simple, well simple at least. I did it on the loom, but it probably would have gone much quicker had I just done it on the needles. I do like the way it turned out though and will definitely make another.
This is Nyla's Birthday Shrug.

The following is some yummy yarn that I will be test knitting a project on. I will post picks of that very soon.
Well I hope these pictures leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. I'll talk post again soon.

Be Blessed.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weekend Update - Black Marriage Gala Photos

It was a busy one. With Little Buddy having two-a-day rehearsal on Saturday and Hubby not getting back in from his business trip until 7:30 that morning, I was running. That and I really hate putting in zippers and hemming, so my dress was finished around 8:45 a.m. But I made it. I got Little Buddy to both rehearsals, did my nails and packed my overnight bag. I also picked up my little sister from the transit station as she was the babysitter. I did have to order dinner, because I forgot to take something out to prepare, but everyone is still alive, so no problems there.

Then we were off, although I almost forgot our tickets, and told Hubby the wrong hotel, which meant we went a different way than we normally would have. The rest was just a ball. I had a fabulous time, and can't wait for the next occasion to celebrate, I may or may not make the dress :)

Behold pictures from the Mocha Moms Black Marriage Gala 2009.

Behold the infamous dress. The topstitching was done in pink as a contrast and to bring the pink in the godets more into the composition.

My fabulous husband and I. Doesn't he look handsome.

""It is important for us to recognize that we have been blessed with the beauty of marriage and to promote its benefits for ourselves and our children, particularly in the black community," says Dee Dee Jackson, national president of Mocha Moms, Inc.

National President Dee Dee Jackson and her husband cutting a rug.

Some of the Mochas in the chapter I belong to. South Dekalb, GA

Some of the Mocha husbands.

Black Marriage Day was started in 2002 by the Wedded Bliss Foundation, a national non-profit organization that serves families and community groups, promoting healthy relationships and healthy marriages. Last year, Black Marriage Day was celebrated in the black community in more than 250 cities across the U.S. Its goal is to highlight the benefits of marriage, pay tribute to successful marriages and promote marriage in the black community.

"We are thrilled to continue the tradition of honoring Black Marriage Day," says Jackson. "Black marriages are not only alive, but flourishing."

A snapshot of Black Marriages

The mission and purpose of Mocha Moms, Inc. is to support and encourage women of color who are making parenting a priority in this season in their lives. Its platform includes strengthening marriages and families, promoting self-care, strong educational foundations and volunteerism. Today, the fast growing national, non-profit organization has more than 100 chapters in 27 states throughout the country. Mocha Moms, Inc. welcomes people of all genders, religions, races, educational backgrounds, and income levels. Anyone who supports the mission of Mocha Moms, Inc. is welcome to join. Mocha Moms, Inc. has been featured on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, ABC's Nightline, Good Morning America and The Oprah Winfrey Show, as well as in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Essence, Ebony and JET."

quoted text taken from:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FailureTo Deliver On Time

Does that sound like reasonable grounds for termination of a contract? I would like to think so. That in addition to the lack of performance by my "smart phone" have led me to rethink my relationship with my cellular service provider. My phone rang today, and I missed the call, as I was otherwise engaged, so I figured it would go to voicemail. A few moments later, I hear said voicemail tone, and a few moments after that I actually check the phone to see who called and to listen to the message. Well strange thing is the call and the voicemail were from two, yes 2 different people, on two YES 2 separate days. Excuse me, do we not pay for a prompt and expedient service, you leading carrier of mobile services? So why then are you failing to deliver my messages on time.

The first call was from a friend whose wedding I'm in at the end of summer, so I knew there should have been a message, but there was none. I listen to the message that was there, and it was from this past Saturday when Little Buddy had class and rehearsal an hour apart on the same day. (Getting ready for Easter). What in the world? At first I'm listening to the message thinking is everything okay, did I miss something, were we supposed to have practice today, and then it dawned on me, its the middle of the day, on Tuesday no less. So I look at the time date stamp and it says March 21 1:42 pm. What?! So I call the wedding friend, and leave her a message trying to find out what's going on, and when I hang up from that call....a voicemail notification....from none other than wedding friend herself, from half an hour earlier.

Seriously. We have been loyal customers for the past 10 years, and this is how you repay us. Hubby's phone died on him, losing all his information, and all they do is send out a refurbished phone, no offer of tech support to try to recover the lost material. A refurbished phone...ugh, oh yeah, we just got these phones in November. Me and my "smart phone" having self, ha! I have to delete older events to make room for the new, because of some arbitrary code that was written in, even though my settings say I have more than enough memory. I am becoming increasingly disenchanted with the service that we are receiving with this company and am happily looking forward to the day our contract is over!

Don't get me wrong. These are not the first instances of dissatisfaction, it just seems that each new incident is increasingly more frustrating than the last. These are customer service issues, and they are not taking very good care of there customers, and in my opinion that is the fast road to "out of business". If I were to fail to deliver a piece of jewelry on time, there would be consequences, if a baker failed to deliver a wedding cake on time the same would be true. Why then does the big conglomerate not have to adhere to the same rules of society? Have we become complacent with our standards, and just allow anything as long as there is some type of service? If that is the case, we are truly all to blame for the current economic state.

We as consumers have rights, granted the big companies usually trample all over them, and squash any who would dare come against them like little bugs; we still have rights. It is how to exercise them most efficiently that we must learn. What if that call (or more accurately, lack thereof) had cost me a client? Honestly I don't think they'd care, and that's a serious problem. When you fail to resolve, my problem as your customer, you begin digging your own grave.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where's The Dinner Smell?

"I'm hungry. What's for dinner? Hmmm, where's the dinner smell. Mommy are you going to cook, or are we going to order pizza?"
"Neither, we're having leftovers."
"Aww man."

Aren't kids the greatest? See lately, I've been cooking dinner around noon-ish, so that its one less thing I have to distract me while the girls are doing their homework. I can give them (Little Buddy) my undivided attention while she tries to maneuver the world of Kindergarten mathematics, spelling and reading.

Here are a couple of dinners I prepared earlier in the week, that didn't take much time and can be done with ingredients normally in the pantry.

Here we have a traditional cornbread stuffing with yellow corn and grilled chicken breast with white gravy sauce. The cornbread looks dark because I sweetened it with molasses. Other than that its seasoned in the traditional way with sage, poultry seasoning, a little salt, pepper, and a can of cream of chicken.

And above we have a Turkey Faux Stroganoff. This was made on the fly with some leftover ground turkey from fajitas the night before. I really wanted stroganoff but realized I didn't have any sour cream. So I improvised. I used a can of cream of mushroom and added to that a cup of heavy whipping cream which had been infused with a tablespoon of lemon juice to make the "sour" effect. There were also some grilled onions in the skillet, and I added the noodles later. I should have thinned the sauce a bit more, as it was a bit thick for my taste once it was combined with the noodles. All in all though it was really good, and I can't complain. Hope you enjoy. If you'd like the recipe just drop me a comment.

Be Blessed.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Drink More Water.... Please?

I'm trying to get my kids to drink more water. I think its a healthy option and they don't need a lot of sugary drinks, not that they get very many. Although when I give it some thought, that syrupy thick concoction they try to pass off as a juice drink during lunch frightens me. Be it known, I am easily frightened,( I dilute juice at home, everything but orange). I haven't used Kool-Aid since I was a kid, not that there is anything wrong with it, and I always prepared it according to the package directions, so it didn't taste the same as the stuff at my friends houses (they used more sugar). To each his own.

However, I still want my children to drink more water. It has been a struggle, because certain people don't want to follow the rules, and get all huffy when you try to enforce the law. (Five year old's, the nerve of them). So today, I bought us all these little water bottles. That way I could lead by example. The new rule is we should all drink at least one bottle a day, preferably 2 for the kids, and 3 for me. Hey I have my own issues with water, and yes the container only holds a whopping 18 ounces, but that is better than the 8-10 I've been getting.

I figure a few more swigs of water per day, should help me feel more rested, less hungry and over all a little healthier. So maybe you should drink more water too...please :)

Be Blessed

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pulling A Most of the Nighter

Clean the Kitchen
Cut out Brown fabric
fold girls laundry
clean bathrooms
baste pattern pieces together
make 1 baby hat
study a little more
clean out DVR

So I've got a few things I need to do before my head hits the pillow tonight. Of course I should have done these things earlier today, but I was truly lacking motivation. It was a really pretty day today.

Out The Window

This was a terrible week to start a new schedule; there was too much out of the ordinary stuff going on. Like the Girl Scout meeting on Monday, and the PTA meeting (with extra long program following) on Tuesday. In addition, I am trying to make a dress for the Mocha Moms, 2nd Annual Black Marriage Gala this weekend. And although I had chosen a pattern and material earlier, have changed my mind here in the 11th hour.

I will be completely altering the pattern. I have already washed the new fabric, and cut out parts of the other fabric that I was going to use, the pattern is cut and the alterations to it have been made. I have materials for earrings, if not a few of the design I want in my workspace. The shoes and wrap are already in my closet, and I'll be doing my own hair. All in all this is going to be a very low budget, high class affair. (If I do say so myself).

The reason for the frugality, is my pledge to myself that I was going to try to make more things this year. It was pertaining to gifts, but this is a excellent opportunity to express my creativity and save a ton of money. We won our tickets at last years gala, and the fabric and the pattern, came from my stash (my guest closet houses, my machines, several containers and overflowing baskets of fabric, and file boxes of patterns and notions). As some of you may know, I make jewelry and I happen to have some gold wire and pink quartz from a design I did a few years ago for the American Recording Academy.

All in all not so bad. I will cut out the rest of the pieces tonight, and baste them together. I will do all the stitching tomorrow while the older girls are in school. I'd really like a dress form, especially to help with the hemming, but alas, that is to be longed for yet a while still. (More to come about that). But for today, I studied Spanish for about 2 hours, did some laundry and worked on the dress, not to shabby, but next week will definitely be better.

Be Blessed

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alert! Alert! Wonderful Yarnie Goodness Giveaway

You know you want it. I sure do. Oh that beautiful yarn would be so lovely, I would learn to knit socks just to have some in that lovely, yellow and blue colorway. Its called Starry Night. My favorite though is just a shade darker and called Scorpio, some might think its the same, but the subtle difference is what makes it super cool.

And by the way the contest is really called the Knit Witch Wicked Fun Giveaway go check it out on Knit Purl Gurl's blog. There you can find all the rules for entering. Its really fun, and even if I don't win, I've been turned on to two new blogs, and yarnie goodness. Life is GOOD!

Okay, I've got to go, it's PTA night.

Be Blessed

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Schedule Issues

Yes, its only been a day, and yes, there are already problems. What was I thinking? There is absolutely no craft time planned in at all. Way too much study time, must schedule in time for knitting. I've got cooking, laundry, floors, girls homework time, but no knitting, no jewelry, no reading (other than schoolwork). Where was my mind? In that time and place where I had no hobbies, didn't know what fun was, and lived in the library and coffee shop (and not just hanging out there, I was a barrista).

There would also be a great deal of time lacking for Grey's Anatomy and Dancing With The Stars. Shameful. Now I cannot look at the surgically altered bodies, that though they claim to never have danced, sure pass mustard, (most times at least).

I'll alter the schedule and let you know how it works it. Anythings got to be better than it is now. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Be Blessed

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Schedule

Since I will be going back to school this summer after a long absence. I have began to study so that I can prepare myself for what lies ahead. I always did my best work when I developed a schedule and stuck with it. Being a mom though has taught me that there are of course "little" standard deviations that may occur. However, I am going to try my very best to stick with the schedule I have created. Although I am already behind, because I should be showering in the next three minutes, and in bed by half past the hour. Like I said I am going to try my very best. I was thrown today, as....blah, blah, excuses. I will do better tomorrow.

I know that I am capable of great things when I put my mind to it, and am disciplined. Therein lies the dilemma, I have not been so disciplined in years. Argh....I've got to get back into it. So that being said, I am going to shut it down here and go get ready for bed. I've got to start somewhere. Until tomorrow...

Be Blessed

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Few Extra Hours.... the day, would do me just fine. Or maybe not. I think if I did have more hours, I would waste them, and not be as productive as I claim I would like to be.

But to wax poetic and all...

I should like to spend lazy days playing in the grass with my daughters, throwing footballs and flying kites, and calling races. Pitching softballs, and catching Frisbees. I should like to have a picnic in the park on a blue blanket and go paddle boating. Or maybe walk over a bridge at sunset and cry. My oh my the beauty of a memory. However fleeting it may be, the joy it brings could last an eternity. Making Icebox Lemon Pies, and yeast rolls from scratch, showing my girls how to knead the dough for biscuits so they don't get too rough. Laying on the bed on a rainy Saturday and reading a book, or playing Memory. My oh my what a life I lead. It is truly a blessing.

I would hope a few extra hours would afford us time to have breakfast as a family again. Real breakfast, homemade french toast, just sliced strawberries, freshly whipped cream, and eggs, turkey bacon, orange juice, and coffee. Not Cheerios, or Life (had did it get that name?). I would hope a few extra hours would turn into more time to cuddle, and not just more time to do MORE stuff.

Since I know not, but have a sneaking suspicion (sospecha), I will be content with the time I have and just try to use it a little more wisely. I hope you will do the same. Until next time...

Be Blessed

Friday, March 13, 2009

Staring At The Wall

That's what I spent several minutes of my day doing on Thursday, after I applied for graduation. This was of course after I cried. I have tried several times in the past to go back and finish school, but something always came up. I guess I was supposed to have this journey for a reason.

Now that I am ever so close to seeing my dreams realized I am overcome with emotions. I have waited so long for this, now just a few months more of hard work, and I will be done. I will have my college degree. I just have to find the perfect spot to hang it. Hence the staring at the wall. I thought about putting it between two of the girls framed pieces of artwork...but I don't want to overshadow their accomplishments. I checked out the adjacent wall, but it doesn't seem big enough. The opposite wall is covered by a bookcase and the other adjacent wall is basically all window. What a dilemma.

Regardless of where I put it, I know that I will be very excited about earning it. Sometimes I think we appreciate the value of things a little more when we have to go on a journey to get them. This has definitely been a long and winding road for me, but I can see the bright lights of the arena ahead of me, and I am oh so happy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Double Knitting

So now that we know that knitting may lead us to greater mental health in our "golden" years. Let's do more of, learn a slew of techniques and never forget a thing! <-- I got a little excited there, but no worries.

I've been interested in Double Knitting for awhile now since I saw an episode on Knitty Gritty, oh I guess about 5 or 6 years ago, when it came on at a relatively decent hour. There was a lady, I can't remember her name (of course - I stopped knitting for a few years, so the mojo didn't take effect), and she was working a scarf using the DKing technique. I began making one as well, but put it down, and when I picked it up again, the method did not come back easily at all. I finally finished it up last summer, but not necessarily to my liking, but that in and of itself was a blessing, because I saw something else it could be :).

So with that in mind, I have been perusing the Internet today looking for Double Knitting tutorials, there are a multitude of them, but I needed to find one that suited my particular learning style. There are actually two; The first really struck me as simple, which is always desirable for me, the simpler, the better. The second one, was the way I had seen on KG oh so long ago, and I'd like to give it another go. Either way, I hope that you will give DKing a try if you already haven't, and if you have let me know some of the things you've done, how you like it, and what you find helpful.

Be Blessed

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Something To Think About

Well it's late again, but I wanted to squeeze this in under the wire. My memory is questionable, which is why I don't think I'd make a good witness in a judicial capacity. But there is hope for me, especially if I keep with my knitting.

Take a look here and tell me what you think.

Be Blessed

Monday, March 09, 2009

I'm Late, I'm Late...For A Very Important Date not really, but I do like to be a little dramatic every once in a while. This morning the girls and I did have to hustle though, because I forget to advance the clock in their room, so the alarm didn't go off as per usual. We had all of 15 minutes to get dressed, lunches packed and out the door before the bus came. Really its more like 27 minutes, but the way Little Buddy drags in the morning could not be any more drawn out than it already is, so I have to pad the schedule.

This threw me, and I climbed back into bed to forget the previous events, well that means I woke up an hour and a half later. WHAT?!!! Seriously, could this day get any further behind....oh yes. I did my Bible study, then proceeded to make a list of other things that had to be done today. I accomplished all of them, but in what sort of timely fashion (if any) I cannot tell you.

Bella was becoming stir crazy, but there was no going outside for us today, as we had the yard fertilized on Saturday, and with her Eczema, there was no way we were hitting the grass. This made for a very bonkers 2 year old, that seriously needed a nap, and wasn't going to take one without a fight.

This evening, I was late to my Service Unit meeting, and when I got home, I still had to clean the kitchen so now, I'm going to be late to bed...wah wah wah, but I was not going to let anything keep me from posting. --Meanwhile the 2 year old is still walking around, because she napped late, and she's on meds, that hype her up...what joy. Oh well. Hopefully I'll make it to bed before midnight, otherwise, there won't be any fun stuff here tomorrow. Good night all.

Be Blessed.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Solo Outing

I enjoyed my day out yesterday. It was quite lovely. The start time was later than I would have liked, due to an impromptu playdate the girls scheduled. There was only one thing definitely on the list and that was to get some size 11 circulars so I could continue to work on Faux Spanish Lace ( which I am counting as my first lace project). So I headed to JoAnn's because I had my handy dandy 40% off coupon and picked up a pair of Susan Bates 36 inchers. They are not my favorites, nor by far my first choice (and this based solely on aesthetics, because I haven't used them yet), but I was determined to stay under budget. I managed to get the needles, and emory board and a chocolate for under $7. I cannot complain.

Due to the aforementioned impromptu playdate, there wasn't enough time to make it from Snellville to downtown Atlanta, so I knew I wasn't going to make it to Knitch like I wanted to, but I did find a new little gem that I was very excited about and fell quite in love with. Sheepish is a great little yarn shop in downtown Decatur (which I absolutely love by the way - I like the way its laid out, how walkable it is, and all the restaurants...ahhh). But I digress. The ladies there were totally cool, and all the yarns they had in stock made me want to stay there forever. Really roll around and throw yarn in the air, letting it cascade into pools around my never mind that. I had a fabulous time to say the least. And here is where I did go and do what I wasn't supposed to...I bought yarn. I couldn't resist it. It was so pretty, and it seemed to be calling out to me. It and a few other skeins of J. Knits that were a bit out of my price range for the day. Maryland had me totally over the moon, although I know that if my mother or mother-in-law saw the colorway, they would want it for themselves. And we know that yesterday was all about ME!

I picked up a great skein of Cascade 220, in a color that matched my nail polish, so I was pleased as punch. Then there was the pattern bin. Ahhh....heaven, I got some great vintage patterns at the lovely price of 6 for a $1. You heard me right. I was in bliss. No Calgon necessary. So after I'd held Cat and Janet hostage for a while, I wandered off to get something to eat. I almost hit up Tacqueria del Sol, however the line was out the door as per usual. So I asked for directions to The Flying Biscuit Cafe. I love this place, they have the best food, and at very reasonable prices, you can't beat the value, or the flavor, and its just fun.

All in all a great day, and I did it all by myself.

Be Blessed.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mom's Day Out

Well this week, we've been at the house everyday. Not necessarily by choice, but some things prohibited us from leaving (that rascally car!!). Since I didn't get to go out to the grocery store yesterday, or anywhere this week for that matter, Michael suggested I go out with some of my girlfriends tonight. Great, right? Normally yeah, but I guess I've been in a funk lately, and couldn't think of anyone I wanted to go out with, plus, I kinda like to plan my outings in advance. It tends to be difficult to pull together people with children at the last minute.

That being said, I may try to go to a LYS that I've heard of but never been to. To me it sounds lovely, to my husband it sounds a tad bit anti-social. WHATEVER! This is "my" time. Yes very selfish I know, but we need to take time for ourselves, and sometimes, that entails being by yourself. Just to enjoy your own company, relax, read a book, have a cup of coffee - in peace. However, I think part of my issue is lack of adult company and conversation...

Sooo... I've called a friend from high school who I haven't seen in years (we talk on the phone occasionally-and say how we need to get together). If I don't get a call from her, I'll post a message on Facebook, if I get no takers there, I'm going out by myself. I've got a navigation program on my phone, and a tank of gas. I'm going to go exploring and see what's out there for me. Some quiet time alone, (that will be much appreciated), getting to do something I haven't done before. No matter what this day holds for me, I'm going to enjoy; be it by myself or with some friends.

Hey if any of you want to hang out with me, just post a comment, I'll get it on my phone. Remember to take a little time for yourself, and don't let the circumstances get you down.

Be Blessed

ETA: No matter what happens I'm going to buy some size 11 circulars so I can keep working on the shawl with no name.

Friday, March 06, 2009

What's In A Life?

Well over the course of the last several days, I've been preparing to go back to school, and that in and of itself is a bit of work, but no big whoop, right? Sometimes we get so caught up in the big picture, that we miss what really makes a life.

It's not necessarily the house, or the job, how many committees you are on, or what groups you belong to. It's the sum total of all the little things, that go on during the day. The small battles, the little victories, the molehills, and valleys. Kids screaming through the house for God only knows what reason, the husbands ability to watch SportsCenter all day (even though it looks like the same show to me every time).

My life is full, very full in fact, although it seems as if I am constantly trying to cram more stuff in. This over stuffing of events, activities, things, can occasionally make me feel as if I have no life, like, 'what is all of this for, I have no life'. That is some really wrong thinking. If I just take a moment and step back to admire what I have, I will see how full, beautiful and fulfilling a life I do have. I have a 'life'. The fact that I am living, is in and of itself a gift. Add on top of that I have all the accoutrement to make it wonderful.

Don't take the life that you have for granted. Upgrading doesn't necessarily make things any easier. Stressing over what you can't control won't change anything either, it only makes you more anxious, and we have been told " Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God" -Phillipians 4:6 NKJV.

The life you have is an absolute blessing. You just have to make it the best one possible.

Be Blessed

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Yesterday...What A Day

As a matter -of- fact I can't even talk about it. So no blog yesterday, and none today. Hopefully I'll be in better sorts tomorrow.

Be Blessed.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It's A Beautiful Morning

...Cold, but beautiful. Lovely blue skies, a few clouds, the sun is shining brightly. Who could complain? Not me...even though it is only 22 degrees outside.

As you know, I've been doing the Reclaiming the Home blogging challenge, and its going very well. Along with posting daily, I try to go read other bloggers post and leave a comment or two. In doing so I have run across some very interesting things, and am learning a lot about other people and how we are connected though we may not know each other in person.

So I'm cruising a few blogs last night, and I stumble across BethanyG's blog and wow, it was pleasant to see that I am not the only one that struggles with those types of feelings. All things considered, my family is doing well in these current economic times, however I believe that as a woman I seek a certain level of security. And though my husband provides the financial, material security I seek - through the provision his job provides, allowed by the Father. I know that ultimately my security comes from being a child of God. It is because of the sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ that we are able to live such comfortable and peaceful lives in the midst of the current economic storms.

No matter the state of the world around you, rest assured as a child of God you are safe in the midst of any circumstance. Until tomorrow....

Be Blessed

Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day In Georgia

Well, the weatherman kept saying it was going to snow, but they are prone to saying lots of things are going to happen that never do. Okay, so this time they were right. Who would've thought they could actually "predict" the weather correctly. Of course the girls and I were outdone. It started snowing while we were in church, and since we had driven in separate cars because Michael was ushering that day, the girls and I left early so as not to have too much difficulty getting home. (You see, even though I lived in Michigan for 5 years, I didn't really drive much in the winter time).

On the way home, it seemed as if there wasn't going to be anything to talk about, nothing seemed to be sticking to the ground. It was piling up nicely on the cars though, but that doesn't affect school closings. However by the time Michael arrived home a few hours later it was coming down heavily and sticking. Of course my precious girls wanted to go out and play in the pretty white stuff; so my wonderful husband took his girls out, and they had a blast. Here are a few snapshots of their wintry escapades.

Does this snow person look like E.T.?

The girls made their own "sled". Pretty good huh? Bear actually went down the hill and got stuck in the shrubs, so hubby had to go rescue her. That was one funny rescue, but I am not allowed to post the video. I had to take it off my Facebook page last night. I really had posted it accidentally, but hubby thought I put it up to see how many comments I could get. I am sure it would have gotten many a hit, but I took it down anyways.

This is the type of picture my uncle would have sent me. I remember last year, Chicago got hit with a bunch of winter storms, and he was always sending me picture mails with photos of his truck covered in snow. He would have enjoyed this.

We woke up this morning, to news that the girls didn't have to go to school, and even hubby stayed home awhile because of the road conditions. People all over the state didn't have power, (my mom in Athens being one of them). The last report I heard, estimated the number of people without power at 57,000. That is ridiculous. Lots of fallen trees, icy roads and accidents. Please drive carefully.

Be Blessed

Sunday, March 01, 2009

No Mobile Blogging For Me

Well, I tried to post yesterday from my phone, but as you may have noticed, alas.... there was no post on Life As I Know It. With that being said let's move on. Yesterday was busy to say the least.

Our Girl Scout cookies came in and they needed to sorted and distributed to the girls and their parents. So I was out of the house before 8 a.m. on the one Saturday this month that I thought I would actually be able to spend with the family. Well I went out and with the help of the other leaders in our Service Unit, and my wonderful cookie moms, I was able to make it back home by one o'clock, with just enough time to get myself and Little Buddy ready for her dance teachers wedding.

I must say it was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to. It was well orchestrated and the details were just impeccable. I was blown away by the enchantment of it all. However after the ceremony, I was thoroughly tired and hungry, (didn't eat that morning). So we went home to change clothes and get the rest of the family to go out and get something to eat. I may have eaten a little over and beyond, but it was good. We then took the girls to the mall, to run off some energy at the indoor playground. After our return home, we relaxed and got ready for church today, you know, hair, clothes, etc....

All in all it was a great day, and I cannot complain. There will be other Saturdays to lay in bed until 9 and then get up to make a fabulous Caramel Apple French Toast. When that'll be I don't know, but until then...

Be Blessed