Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Slow As Molasses

Sometimes, I forget. (That is a widely known fact to friends and family.) And well, I was thinking the site is so lacking pictures, well that's because I forgot that I could upload pictures straight from my phone with relatively little hassle. Although I must say I don't like the camera on this new phone as much as my last which is weird, because they are both made by the same company; however I digress. Here are a few pictures of FO's that you probably haven't seen.

Very Simple Dishcloths for Little Buddy's Dance teacher. Sorry Heather and Elica, I'm still not that quick to undertake the projects you suggested. But I think I am getting faster.
A Cabled baby hat for a community service project our Girl Scouts did over the holidays. How could I not post this. I put it on Ravelry, but not here...strange.
And a washcloth I made for Bear as a stocking stuffer. I got the pattern from 200 Knitted Blocks.

Well that's all that I can remember. As I said yesterday, I'm working on Faux Spanish Lace, but I'll have to find the pattern and put it on circs before I can take a picture to show progress. Thanks for reading, and as always:
Be Blessed.

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Mandy said...

I recognize that last dishcloth pattern--I've used that book recently!