Sunday, February 01, 2009

Pop-up Blockers...What To Do?

Okay, so I'm supposed to be practicing project monogamy, but it is not working. Things keep coming up. Being completely honest, I'm still working on some things that were supposed to be gifts for Christmas, but obviously that didn't work out. I'm trying to finish them up so they can be gifted at later times over the course of this year. However, at every turn, there's a new something that needs to be made, since in my efforts to be considerate and thrifty, I have decided to make all (well most) gifts this year.

I just found out my mailman's wife had a baby the latter part of last year, (which explained his absence). Now Michael tells me that Little Buddy's dance teacher is having a bridal shower next weekend, and all the students are invited- well we can't just go empty-handed (I would never teach my children to go to any occasion without a hostess gift of some sort). Call me old-fashioned, but showing up to someones door without even ______ (something appropriate for the event at hand) is just rude.

So now I'm trying to work on things that are quick and meaningful, and that can be made using the yarn in my stash. But the mailman's wife had a boy, and I have lots of pinks and purples because I have 3 daughters. The dance teacher may get a pair of um..., legwarmers? Is that too cliche'? I wanted to do some nice dishcloths but I haven't found a pattern that wouldn't take me forever to make multiples of .

What can I do about all these pop-ups? I'll not be able to be monogamous if all these different obstructions keep getting in the way. Oh and did I mention that I know at least 4 ladies that are expecting over the course of the year. Two of them relatively soon, and within weeks of each other. Aaaggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Help please.

Any suggestions for easy, relatively quick projects will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Until next time....

Be Blessed.


Carmen said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one having all these pop-ups.

As far as the dance teacher, how about a Shrug. I've made them before and they only take about 500-600 yds worsted (given that she's a dancer she's probably petite)and they are faaast!

For really quick dishcloths I suggest the grammas favorite dish cloth. You can make 1 in about 2 hours.

Hope that helps.

geeky Heather said...

I kind of like the legwarmers idea! But she could just have fingerless gloves, too. For a relatively quick baby gift, a friend of mine just did a baby block blanket, and it was really cute (Ravelry link: