Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Little Something, Something

Hello everyone. It's been a week and I'm back...woohoo! I've been slacking this wee, I cannot lie, but there was a lot going on. Girl Scouts celebrated Thinking Day this past weekend, and my service unit was no exception. My little Daisies did a fabulous job presenting their facts on what Girl Guides in China are like, and on the prevention and management of Chicken pox. As a matter of fact we rocked. You could barely hear the older girls speak (even with a microphone), but my girls projected. I am so proud of them.

Ah yes, Saturday was also the day of the Father-Daughter dance at the girls school and so there was much prepping to be done. The pictures I took didn't come out well at all, and I am bummed, but they (the girls) were absolutely beautiful, and I do say so myself. Oh yeah, Michael didn't look to bad either :-) Bella was sick-thus the roaming around in her robe -which she calls for constantly (I think it may be her security blanket).

I finished the washcloths for Mr. Thompson's baby (my mailman), but I only did two. I figure that making more would only prolong the giving by weeks more; so I decided it best to say "mas vale tarde que nunca" Better late than never, and "menos es mas" Less is more. <-Can you tell I've been practicing my Spanish? Yeah for me!

Well that's all I've got tonight. Gotta get to bed, we've got a big day tomorrow. Until next time...
Be Blessed.

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