Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hodge Podge

Oh really its a bunch of stuff all thrown together in one nice little compact rant/vent/creativity update/blog.

Let's start with the sad news: today is my uncles birthday, or more accurately it would have been his 52nd birthday. However as many of you know he is no longer with me and that makes me sad. What also brings me down today is the thought of calling my mother or my aunties to see how they are faring today. I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it yet. What a terrible daughter/niece I am. I'll live with it.

Dramatic news: Why is there a 13 year old boy in Britain who looks about 8 that is a father "possibly". What a crazy world we live in, and it is only getting worse. Argh!!!! as if there aren't already enough children in this world who aren't being properly cared for. Really its just sad. (Understand this is truly just a rant, because I realize we have this very same issue here.) I'm just overly sensitive today.

Political news: oh where to start- oh yes, how about with the Not So Stimulating Stimulus Package. You politicos are breaking us. How dare you put out a 1,075 page document less than 24 hours before a vote, when you promised US -the taxpayers at least 48 to review it, then add so much pork even a person on the Atkins diet would say Whoa!!! I am astounding with the way you are treating this measure. As if it were some fourth grade science experiment you threw together the night before to get a little extra credit. Well for 790 billion dollars, I expect you to take your time and get it right. My great-great-great-grandchildren shouldn't have to pay for the mistakes of this failed administration. This makes me think of one of those Nextel direct connect commercials "If...ran government".

On the home front: I picked the wrong time to take my head out of the sand and start watching the news again. No wonder so many people are on medication for depression. Pharmaceutical stock should be through the roof, but that would imply people could actually pay for their meds, which they can't do without jobs, and benefits, which they don't have because unemployment is soaring.
I'm sorry, this is so not me...happy go lucky and full of cheer. I apologize.

What is something good? Oh yes, I put together a spa basket for Little Buddy's ballet teacher. I knitted some washcloths (very simple ones of course, that still took me about 3.5 hours each). I'm getting faster though. I put in a selection of loofahs, a lavender sachet and some candles with candle holders. I think it was a nice sentiment, and it meets the handmade, thrifty qualifications.
I am still working on the clothes for my mailman's little boy. I found some nice ribbon at the dollar store the other day to wrap them with. (I got that idea from KrisKnits), she does the loveliest patterns. Kristen, I'm waiting for the wedding clothes; I know they're going to be fabulous.
The weekend past was Valentines day, and I was gifted the most wonderful things. DVDs-yes that is how we express love, give me my favorite film and watch it with me. I got 'Four Weddings and a Funeral', "About A Boy" (I'm a big Hugh Grant fan), "When Harry Met Sally", and "Say Anything". The latter two I have never seen, and the former two I could watch over and over. Ahhhh...I have the best husband.
As for my weight loss plans, um...I don't think they're going anywhere anytime soon. I'm trying to eat better, I just need to get the whole exercising regularly part down.

Knitterly wise: I am still waiting to be joined on Tuesday mornings, by anyone wanting to knit. In the meantime, I am working on "Faux Spanish Lace", several dishcloths, a "swiffer" thingy, which I am about to frog, and just make using some inexpensive hand towels, (more time efficient) and baby hats.

Well that is what's happening here. I'll keep you posted. Until then...

Be Blessed.

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geeky Heather said...

Oh, my, so nice to meet someone else who hasn't seen "When Harry Met Sally"...I usually get looks like my head is on fire when I say I haven't. =)