Friday, February 27, 2009

Woohoo 100 Posts For Me

Wow, I didn't even know that I had come close to a hundred post, but my blog yesterday put me there. I'll give myself a nice little pat on the back for that. Hopefully during this time you have been entertained, enlightened, and maybe even blessed by something you have read. This is my space, so the post can be all over the place, and I'm okay with that.

I was going to post about how I woke up with an inbox full of you "Urgent" messages, but when I got here and saw that I was at the century mark, I threw caution to the wind and went with the happy and light as opposed to the mundane and dark. I still have a mountain of laundry to do, and dinner to cook (with no idea what to prepare), but none of it feels as daunting as it did this morning.

Today I gave Mr. Thompson the cloths I knitted for the new baby, and I went to pick the older girls up from school and we went to the Book Fair. They had a good time, and so did I. Dinner is still up in the air, but I've almost got a handle on that. The laundry definitely needs to be done by 5:00 though, so I must leave you now. Have a great rest of the day, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Be Blessed.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Human Food Disposal

I'm back!!!! So soon you say. What could the occasion be? Well thanks to Kristin aka Homegrownrose on Ravelry we've been challenged to blog everyday through the end of March. How's that for a kick in the pants, uh... I mean motivation. So to kick things off, let's start with a little transparency.

I'm in the process of "trying" to lose some weight, well more exactly some inches. My weight is fairly normal, but the fat in places it didn't use to be is starting to bother me. So I decided that I wanted to fit into the bikini that I bought two years ago, and have never worn. Well that's all well and good, except I have a slight eating problem. That being said, I eat whatever is around, literally. Take today for example. My Mocha Moms group had a meeting and I do the snacks, and fortunately they were healthy, because we had Sarah from the Diabetes Association of Atlanta, Inc. speaking to us about nothing other than....that's right diabetes and healthy eating.

Well, we had lovely croissant sandwiches with Rotisserie style thinly sliced chicken breast, with lots of fresh veggies, and baked veggie chips, and a vegan Red Velvet cake from Meri's. So you say what's the bad in that. Well I had two sandwiches. One while the ladies were here, and then another when the girls got home from school, about 2 hours later. Then I had a small (and that is the truth) slice of cake. But for dinner. ARGH!!! I had a bowl of oatmeal, a bowl of ramen noodles, and two orange rolls. Not what I had planned, that would be the nice, lovely, healthy portion chicken fajita, with black beans and corn. Sad thing is I almost ate that too.

Where does this out of control, neurotic eating behavior stem from you ask. Well I hate having leftovers and the fridge is full of them. Nor can I stand to throw food away, it seems to wasteful and I just wasn't raised to throw out good food. Too many of those "poor children in Africa, who would appreciate this food" speeches in my youth I suppose. Sometimes I eat, emotionally, as like a crutch, a support when I'm down, food is a pick me up. <-That is so not a good attitude toward food.

Enough confession, I am exhausted. Don't worry though, I won't go and raid the kitchen, I've got my glass of water and if anything I'll have some trail mix later. We'll catch up more tomorrow.

Be Blessed

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Little Something, Something

Hello everyone. It's been a week and I'm back...woohoo! I've been slacking this wee, I cannot lie, but there was a lot going on. Girl Scouts celebrated Thinking Day this past weekend, and my service unit was no exception. My little Daisies did a fabulous job presenting their facts on what Girl Guides in China are like, and on the prevention and management of Chicken pox. As a matter of fact we rocked. You could barely hear the older girls speak (even with a microphone), but my girls projected. I am so proud of them.

Ah yes, Saturday was also the day of the Father-Daughter dance at the girls school and so there was much prepping to be done. The pictures I took didn't come out well at all, and I am bummed, but they (the girls) were absolutely beautiful, and I do say so myself. Oh yeah, Michael didn't look to bad either :-) Bella was sick-thus the roaming around in her robe -which she calls for constantly (I think it may be her security blanket).

I finished the washcloths for Mr. Thompson's baby (my mailman), but I only did two. I figure that making more would only prolong the giving by weeks more; so I decided it best to say "mas vale tarde que nunca" Better late than never, and "menos es mas" Less is more. <-Can you tell I've been practicing my Spanish? Yeah for me!

Well that's all I've got tonight. Gotta get to bed, we've got a big day tomorrow. Until next time...
Be Blessed.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Slow As Molasses

Sometimes, I forget. (That is a widely known fact to friends and family.) And well, I was thinking the site is so lacking pictures, well that's because I forgot that I could upload pictures straight from my phone with relatively little hassle. Although I must say I don't like the camera on this new phone as much as my last which is weird, because they are both made by the same company; however I digress. Here are a few pictures of FO's that you probably haven't seen.

Very Simple Dishcloths for Little Buddy's Dance teacher. Sorry Heather and Elica, I'm still not that quick to undertake the projects you suggested. But I think I am getting faster.
A Cabled baby hat for a community service project our Girl Scouts did over the holidays. How could I not post this. I put it on Ravelry, but not here...strange.
And a washcloth I made for Bear as a stocking stuffer. I got the pattern from 200 Knitted Blocks.

Well that's all that I can remember. As I said yesterday, I'm working on Faux Spanish Lace, but I'll have to find the pattern and put it on circs before I can take a picture to show progress. Thanks for reading, and as always:
Be Blessed.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hodge Podge

Oh really its a bunch of stuff all thrown together in one nice little compact rant/vent/creativity update/blog.

Let's start with the sad news: today is my uncles birthday, or more accurately it would have been his 52nd birthday. However as many of you know he is no longer with me and that makes me sad. What also brings me down today is the thought of calling my mother or my aunties to see how they are faring today. I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it yet. What a terrible daughter/niece I am. I'll live with it.

Dramatic news: Why is there a 13 year old boy in Britain who looks about 8 that is a father "possibly". What a crazy world we live in, and it is only getting worse. Argh!!!! as if there aren't already enough children in this world who aren't being properly cared for. Really its just sad. (Understand this is truly just a rant, because I realize we have this very same issue here.) I'm just overly sensitive today.

Political news: oh where to start- oh yes, how about with the Not So Stimulating Stimulus Package. You politicos are breaking us. How dare you put out a 1,075 page document less than 24 hours before a vote, when you promised US -the taxpayers at least 48 to review it, then add so much pork even a person on the Atkins diet would say Whoa!!! I am astounding with the way you are treating this measure. As if it were some fourth grade science experiment you threw together the night before to get a little extra credit. Well for 790 billion dollars, I expect you to take your time and get it right. My great-great-great-grandchildren shouldn't have to pay for the mistakes of this failed administration. This makes me think of one of those Nextel direct connect commercials "If...ran government".

On the home front: I picked the wrong time to take my head out of the sand and start watching the news again. No wonder so many people are on medication for depression. Pharmaceutical stock should be through the roof, but that would imply people could actually pay for their meds, which they can't do without jobs, and benefits, which they don't have because unemployment is soaring.
I'm sorry, this is so not me...happy go lucky and full of cheer. I apologize.

What is something good? Oh yes, I put together a spa basket for Little Buddy's ballet teacher. I knitted some washcloths (very simple ones of course, that still took me about 3.5 hours each). I'm getting faster though. I put in a selection of loofahs, a lavender sachet and some candles with candle holders. I think it was a nice sentiment, and it meets the handmade, thrifty qualifications.
I am still working on the clothes for my mailman's little boy. I found some nice ribbon at the dollar store the other day to wrap them with. (I got that idea from KrisKnits), she does the loveliest patterns. Kristen, I'm waiting for the wedding clothes; I know they're going to be fabulous.
The weekend past was Valentines day, and I was gifted the most wonderful things. DVDs-yes that is how we express love, give me my favorite film and watch it with me. I got 'Four Weddings and a Funeral', "About A Boy" (I'm a big Hugh Grant fan), "When Harry Met Sally", and "Say Anything". The latter two I have never seen, and the former two I could watch over and over. Ahhhh...I have the best husband.
As for my weight loss plans, um...I don't think they're going anywhere anytime soon. I'm trying to eat better, I just need to get the whole exercising regularly part down.

Knitterly wise: I am still waiting to be joined on Tuesday mornings, by anyone wanting to knit. In the meantime, I am working on "Faux Spanish Lace", several dishcloths, a "swiffer" thingy, which I am about to frog, and just make using some inexpensive hand towels, (more time efficient) and baby hats.

Well that is what's happening here. I'll keep you posted. Until then...

Be Blessed.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Pop-up Blockers...What To Do?

Okay, so I'm supposed to be practicing project monogamy, but it is not working. Things keep coming up. Being completely honest, I'm still working on some things that were supposed to be gifts for Christmas, but obviously that didn't work out. I'm trying to finish them up so they can be gifted at later times over the course of this year. However, at every turn, there's a new something that needs to be made, since in my efforts to be considerate and thrifty, I have decided to make all (well most) gifts this year.

I just found out my mailman's wife had a baby the latter part of last year, (which explained his absence). Now Michael tells me that Little Buddy's dance teacher is having a bridal shower next weekend, and all the students are invited- well we can't just go empty-handed (I would never teach my children to go to any occasion without a hostess gift of some sort). Call me old-fashioned, but showing up to someones door without even ______ (something appropriate for the event at hand) is just rude.

So now I'm trying to work on things that are quick and meaningful, and that can be made using the yarn in my stash. But the mailman's wife had a boy, and I have lots of pinks and purples because I have 3 daughters. The dance teacher may get a pair of um..., legwarmers? Is that too cliche'? I wanted to do some nice dishcloths but I haven't found a pattern that wouldn't take me forever to make multiples of .

What can I do about all these pop-ups? I'll not be able to be monogamous if all these different obstructions keep getting in the way. Oh and did I mention that I know at least 4 ladies that are expecting over the course of the year. Two of them relatively soon, and within weeks of each other. Aaaggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Help please.

Any suggestions for easy, relatively quick projects will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Until next time....

Be Blessed.