Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello All, yes its been a while, but things get so busy betwixt Thanksgiving and New Years...but oh what fun. I cannot complain, things have been going so smoothly over the past few weeks that I think I should pinch myself. I only cried a few times at the mention of my uncle and was able to have several other conversations about him and laugh hilariously. Especially when Michael told me what he thought my uncle was thinking while in his coma. (We'll save that one for another day.)

Suffice it to say, life is good. I enjoyed the time that I got to spend with my family, and I mean all of them. I got to go home to Mississippi and see my aunties and cousins. My uncle in Iraq called me on Christmas day, I was totally blessed. The time I spent with the girls was priceless. We baked and did crafts and just hung out, it was totally cool. Michael and I also celebrated our 6th anniversary this year. We had a lovely child free evening and day whence we just vegged out and watched dvd's. We each took turns picking out our favorites and watched until I fell asleep on "Blazing Saddles". It was a great way to spend our time, since we rarely get to just lay around and hang out together.

This new year is filled with possibilities, as has been every other year before it, but this year I actually plan to make full use of my potential. I don't make resolutions, and any goals I set are usually from birthday to birthday. However there are a few things that because of the timing of it all make sense to start on now. Like losing a bit of weight. I bought a bikini two years ago that I have yet to wear, but I will this year. Now in order for that to happen, I need to lose about 15 pounds. I would post pics but we'll just go on the honor system (don't want to scare anyone). So as a aide in my weight loss endeavors, there will be less baking :( My love affair with baked things must end (well, things that contain flour, sugar and butter et. all)

Did I say Happy New Year? No, of course I won't totally cut them out of my life, but I will practice moderation. I will try to anyways, work with me people... I LOVE the bread. If I had some fresh baked rolls I'd eat one now. Instead, I think I'll have one of the very lovely chocolates my husband bought me for our anniversary (whose idea was it anyways to give chocolate as a "traditional" gift?). Oh well I digress.

I do hope you all enjoy this new year and that you live up to all the potential God put inside you. Have a wonderful time, and as always...

Be Safe.

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