Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blessings Are Always Right On Time

I checked the mail yesterday, and there was the usual junk and solicitations, two Christmas cards, and a letter...for me. I rarely get personal mail, unless you count my JoAnn's circular. This petite piece of postage came from a dear old friend, whom I hadn't spoken to in months, and prior to that...years. Aside from a picture of her family and a cursory inquiry into the well-being of mine own; the sole purpose of the letter was to encourage ME! Can you believe that? The majority of the body of the letter follows:
"Also, I am writing to say that I have always believed in you and that you
are an awesome person to know as a friend. You have encouraged me and
touched my life in many positive ways ever since we first met at Lejeune
School, through college, and to today. Thank you for your
Also, I am writing to tell you that when
I think
of you I think of creativity. Shanta you are very creative you
have the
ability to create things that will cause others to see life or
differently. You are or have the ability to bring hidden
talents and
dreams in others to life by what you create whether it is
through writing them
down or saying it or even making it....
Please don't allow life to cause you to place your
ability to create on the "back burner" so to speak. I encourage you to
continue to make what motivates your dreams a reality."

Wow, isn't that something? What makes this so amazing is just that very same day, I had been thinking "I'm wasting my time, making jewelry, I don't even have a proper workspace or a place to store my materials, it makes no sense for me to be doing this." I was about to give up, but then this letter arrived and encouraged me. Thank God for the wisdom of others. I told Michael about the letter and how I'd been feeling, and he said "why don't we make the guest room your workspace?" Duh...why didn't I think of that. Oh yeah, too busy trying to make sure guest are comfortable as opposed to thinking about how I can spread love.

Honestly, I see SLHayes Designs as a way to uplift people. Any custom pieces of jewelry I make are close to my heart because I want them to speak to you of the love of the person who commissioned it. And the prayer beads are a way for me to share my faith with people, all the while reminding them, that they are not alone and that someone is praying for them, even when they aren't praying for themselves. I hadn't forgotten about how those things impact peoples lives and that the work I do may bring people closer to one another and, or closer to God.

As I had mentioned previously this friend and I hadn't spoken in some time, and our last conversation was light stuff, kinda getting back in the groove of talking to one another. I definitely didn't mention my thoughts of giving it all up, ( at the time they hadn't crossed my mind). That's why the letter was a blessing. I hadn't shared those thoughts with anyone, yet Elohim (Lord God, Mighty Creator) provided a vessel for me to be blessed and to continue my work invigorated and with renewed spirit. Isn't he awesome?

I am blessed and hopefully I will be a blessing to others, thanks to the kind blessings of an old friend.
On a side note, I am currently reading "Praying the Names of God" by Ann Spangler. Its a devotional, but it helps to create an intimacy because you are learning many (26 if I recall correctly) of the names of God. It only makes sense that you would want to know the name of one you'd like to have a deeper relationship with. Well to me anyways. I do hope that you all have gained something from this post. And well if not, it was still pleasure to share it with you. Until next time.

Be Safe.