Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Feels Good To Give

I love the holiday season. It puts me in such a happy, festive, joyful mood. I love considering what I'm going to give each person on my list, and quite a bit of thought goes into (most of the time). But this holiday season was eclipsed by the death of my uncle, so I've been dragging a bit. I've been doing a little "retail therapy", (honestly mostly for myself), however the true beneficiaries are those that I will gift throughout this holiday season. My favorite Ravelry group came to the rescue. Reclaiming the Home started a RAK group thus the color came back to my cheeks. I am able to give freely without expecting anything in return. It feels really good. I've got three more outpourings coming up at the end of the month with my Pay It Forward exchange. I just hope those are as well received as the needles I sent Beccanae. Well as per usual...

Be Safe.

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