Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Why Did I Have To Get Those Shots?!

Can you guess what happened today? Yet another of my lovely daughters had to get their yearly physical and routine immunizations. Oh what a beautiful day it was too. Pretty blue skies, wispy white clouds, moderate temperature, and a slight breeze here and there. Well we were on the inside looking out, and it wasn't so great. Well it wasn't really that bad. No Lynn repeats that's for sure. Today was smooth sailing in comparison to that. It was actually quite entertaining, "It" being my middle daughter. She is actually quite well known for her dramatics, and boy oh boy was she in form today.

It started at the school, where she declared "I'm not going". That one was easy enough,
"Yes you are, come on, we have to get going." After a leisurely ride, we arrive and make it across the parking lot without incident. Okay, things are going well. We arrive at the office and wait patiently, when we are called back, yet another declaration of "I'm not going." The way she says it is actually kind of cute, because her voice is slightly high pitched, somewhat sing songish. (She knows how to work it to her advantage.) Yet another "Oh come on", and we're off.

Well her older sister has told her they would prick her finger, and she is waiting for it. She did slightly better in that she didn't wail the whole time, as opposed to repeatedly shouting after the hemoglobin prick "It hurts, it still hurts." I laugh (it really is comical).

We go down to the exam room and she gets undressed, questioning the process, "Why do I have to get undressed, why do I have to wear this gown, etc...?" The exam goes well, I discuss her development with the doctor, we agree she is slightly advanced in her vocabulary for her age, and she expresses herself very well. The time comes for the shots, and she is not happy so she puts her foot down.


The nurse laughs and comments that she likes her, she says "No one will take advantage of her, she's going to stand up for herself." Yeah, but in that moment I was just hoping for a child that would go with the flow. Oh well, not today. No big whoop, the doctor peeks her head in and says there were some donuts in the staff lounge and could the girls have one. "Sure", I've got to make this as quick and painless as possible, and sugar clouds every kids perception. Except mine. She would not be hoodwinked, bamboozled or led astray today. After some creative nursing and parenting collaboration the deed was done. Not nearly as painful, dramatic, and tear filled as with the oldest. There were tears yes, but they were short-lived, because there was Krispy Kreme, and the promise of macaroni and cheese for lunch, and the surprise Nurse Wendy dropped in my bag.

She did however ask "Why did I have to get those shots?!" with such an accusatory tone, you would have thought I had just taken money out of her purse. I explained about not wanting to get sick, and shots protecting you from illness, etc... I figured going into the whole "herd protection" theory was too much and decided to save that one for another day. All in all, we made it out pretty much unscathed, minus a bump or two along the way, but that is to be expected. Right?

Moral of the story: Take Krispy Kreme, whenever kids need shots, and promise whatever they want to eat afterwards, even if it is more sugar. They're going straight to sleep anyways.

Be Safe.

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