Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sew Sew September

Well the sewing bug has bitten again, and it is time to pull out the machines again. I'm always a little over ambitious with the number of projects that I'd like to complete, but I feel like I need a few new pieces for the wardrobe. I'm thinking a few tunics and some pants, nicely tailored, and maybe a dress or two, simple ones of course. Honestly all my patterns are simple, I specifically buy ones that say "Easy", "Simple" etc.... Helps keep me from going insane with a thousand pattern pieces laying around. Also I have a stash of material, like some people have Gi-normous yarn stashes. I also have patterns like that, I keep them in a file box, (it's time for a new one of those). I am going to go through my patterns today to figure out which ones I'll use, then I'll go through the material bins and post pics later. Until then,

Be Safe.

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