Thursday, July 10, 2008

What A Week

Full of ups and downs and twists and turns, its been a doozy. Last weekend we went to the coast for the 4th and had a very pleasant relaxing time with family. We came back home and hit traffic like you wouldn't believe. It was ridiculous, prompting my dear husband to reiterate his feelings of how people here "can't drive". Oh well, at least the next day we got to relax together and just be.

That means Tuesday was the day of bad news. Sometimes I just don't understand anything, especially how someone my age dies. My daughters god-mother called me, and asked if I knew so-and-so. "Yes". Well she wasn't feeling well and another of our friends took her to the hospital on Sunday, she died that day...."What?" How is this possible, her birthday just passed. She was only 33 years old. I just don't get it. Then my auntie calls..."have you talked to your uncle today?" "No." She proceeds to say, "he has big cell cancer". Its in his lung of course, he's smoked since I can remember (and that's pretty far back). I'm not surprised by this one though, he'd had a scare a few years ago (still didn't get him to quit). All I can do is pray about it.

Wednesday brought a brighter day. Hubby was home because his back was out, but at least we got to spend time together, even though he worked on the computer while in the bed. I must say, bringing your work home, doesn't exactly seem like taking time off. At any rate it was a lazy day for me, reading a book trying to block out all I knew to be real in the world, just too much negative for a minute.

Speaking of reading, hmmmmmmmmm how do I feel about that book? It didn't end the way I was hoping, but I wasn't disappointed. I can't say I'll never read another book by him, because I have one on the shelf that is waiting to be cracked open, and I'm waiting for another at the library. What I can say is Nicolas Sparks sure can paint a picture of love. Its beautiful, so true to life the emotions. (Gushing) It just feels so genuine. It was a great story of losing love, yet being able to find it again, however painful the road in between may be. Once upon a time, I told my husband I wouldn't want him to remarry if anything should happen to me, how selfish. Love is something that has to be given and received to be must fully enjoyed. I wish him a life filled with love and joy should we ever be parted prematurely.

On to lighter things. I finished a project this weekend. Of course it wasn't something on my list, something new I whipped up quickly. A shrug for Lani. I worked up super fast, I just need to work on my seaming. Other than that all is well, I will keep working on Zig Zag once I get more yarn. I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to try to find the same color or just switch it up and make it a multi-color project (not really my style). I'm thinking of doing a poncho next for the baby. I asked for yarn for my birthday, so maybe I'll get something really great to make it out of. Until then I keep working on my sweater.

By the way in case you didn't know, my birthday is tomorrow, and I am totally excited about that. More good news, AKA's have a great deal to celebrate, as their centennial celebration begins this weekend in Washington, D.C. Along with that Mattel will be releasing a limited edition Barbie doll commemorating the occasion. It will be the first doll commissioned for any sorority. What a great thing (being an avid collector myself) I am very excited, seeing as how my mother, mother-in-law and several friends are members of the prestigious sorority, and my children want to be. Well that's it for now. Enjoy your weekend.

Be Safe.


geeky Heather said...

Love the shrug!

OMGosh, that Barbie is BEAUTIFUL!!

Woman of Destiny said...
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Woman of Destiny said...

OKay... first of all.... I can't believe you told your hubby that you'd want him to be single and lonely if anything happened to you... you're right.... that was SUPER selfish... I'm shocked that came from you. I at least tried to pick a couple of candidates for my hubby if anything happened to me ;-) LOL..... And secondly... don't try to "force" your daughters into any sororities..... you don't know what they want....because they probably don't know what they want.. especially the baby.... for all you know they may choose to be distinguished and prominent Deltas... anyhow... congrats to the AKAs on their beautiful doll.